The Pixie Crop or Cropped Bob?

Generally as the new year approaches, I think, "new look, new look!" Then I sport my new look on the last party night of the year, Old Year's night, somehow believing that my hair and the dress I choose will elude to the woman I will represent in the year ahead. LOL!

...And yes, as the year progresses what once was the "new look" leaves me frustrated, as I question, "why did I add blonde streaks which damaged my hair?" As for the growing back stage, the stage where my hair is too long to be a short-do, yet to short to put into a bun! Argghhhh. Yet, this year, I want a new short look, once again. Hence the inspiration for this recent post. LOL! I'm thinking either a cropped bob or the more dramatic pixie crop.

Having a haircut is more that just a change of how you look, you even feel like a new person. It’s definitely a mental change, which you should be sure you’re ready for upon deciding to do the big chop. But, if you are ready, then you will have lots of fun looking for styles because short hair offers a huge variety of looks.

For those who are willing to really take scissors to their hair, the pixie crop offers a bold look and one that is both young and funky when done right. And doing it right has everything to do with the styling, think Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Elisha Cuthbert and Selma Blair. The pixie crop is hot among black celebrities today too, think Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Selita Ebanks, Tocarra, Tia Mowry, Kelis, Fantasia & Lola Love.

FYI: Basically, there are five face shapes; oval, round, square, heart and rectangular. Whatever face shape you may have, it is better to choose a hair style that makes your face appear more oval. The reason the oval face is identified as the best facial shape is because of the perfect symmetry of some of the facial features it has, like the distance from the lips to the bottom of the chin.
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Selita Ebanks

Keyshia Cole

Keri Hilson

Lola Love



UPDATE: The Sweet 7's New Look 2009

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  1. great post! I wanted to cut my hair also into the cropped bob or pixie cut. but i am a little afraid of how it will look I do have a round face so i dunno bout that.