Bikini Zone

Every woman and God (...and she could very well be a woman too) know how unsightly razor bumps and scars are in the bikini area. Especially us, Caribbean women who are always flaunting in bikinis ... may it be on a sea shore, a boat ride or a Carnival!

So over this past summer, I was telling a friend that not only is waxing painful but it is an inconvenience for me. Most times when I was to expose that general area, it never seemed bare or the hair was not long enough to get it waxed off which resulted in me shaving in those crucial split seconds. Then making spontaneous appointments especially with a baby is more drama. I even recall going to an appointment one time when my daughter was a little older than a year. I was naked, legs in all directions, trying to keep her entertained, while I wanted to scream as the hair was ripped from my skin. The funny thing too is, the young lady who waxes me in Vermont is Ava-Sol's baby sitter. Haha. Waxing is also an expense, I rather do without.

On the other hand, shaving usually resulted in bumps, in-grown hairs and then unsightly scars. So when my friend suggested that I try Bikini Zone, I was all ears. I ran to the nearest drugstore, and I purchased the Bikini Zone Anti Bumps Shave Gel ($4.50) and the Bikini Zone Medicated After-Shave Creme Treatment. It's been 3 months, not an in-grown hair since. I have stopped using the Bikini Zone Medicated After-Shave Creme Treatment because it stings when I apply it after shaving. My friend's suggestion was to apply a lil' oil to the shaved area before applying the after-shave creme.  

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