St.Lucia Carnival 2009: Official Launch!

The Carnival calendar will start during the final two days of Saint Lucia Jazz. This is the first time Carnival will be so exposed during the Jazz Festival. 5 bands have already launched their season St.Lucia 2K-Wine. ... And visit THE OFFICIAL ST.LUCIA CARNIVAL website which has been up and running for some weeks now.

The Official Launch of St.lucia Carnival will be held June 1, 2009. 
The very same day with Mas Action's Annual Lime Jam.

Another first, Red Unlimited is giving its revelers a chance to own a Red Unlimited tee-shirt which they can wear without reservations. The tee-shirts, which have been designed exclusively for the band, have just the logo and the slogan 'R U Red.'

Available at a cost of $25, these high quality tees are the first in a line of Red products. Teeshirts will be on sale at all Red Events and at Band meetings.

Also WATCH LIVE HERE - Red Unlimited Carnival Band 2009 Launch, on May 9, @ 10:30PM.

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  1. the tee's nice....very hot and original. however, i think that shud come in the package instead of having to buy it separately.