Celebrity Style: Terrell Owens - Sunglasses

So my first attempt to find Men's sunglasses for Sweet 7 chatbox fan, ClarksMan did not hit the mark. 

ClarksMan then informed me ... he wanted shades like ones Terrell Owens would wear. Initially, I was clueless, since I've known very little of Terrell. ... And that's because I am not a sports fan, particularly American football. Though I did feast my eyes on the T.O Show and became a fan.  I'm now catching up on the second season.  Which reminds me, he needs to kick that girlfriend to the curb.  She annoys me!

Anyway with a lil' research ClarksMan ... here are a few pictures of Terrell rockin' his sunglasses and the particular brands too!  Hope I got it right, this time!

Click on images for brand name and type.

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