My New Carnival Debate - SHOES!

I have come to expect all types of shoes on the road for Caribana.
I've seen friends in gladiator sandals and flats.
It's like footwear for Caribana ... anything goes!


Thanks to Saucy (Trinidad Carnival Diary), about 2 years ago, I switched to boots for carnival, leaving behind my old faithful sneakers that I have worn from my very first Trinidad carnival in 2003.  These sneakers have had a life, not failing me as I pounded them on carnival streets everywhere ... And recently my sneakers got splattered, thanks to the guy holding the red paint during D.C Carnival this year who thought I looked too clean after spending most of the day in Indulgence Mas, a "PAINT" carnival band. He stood proudly with his roller, rolling it all over my body ... red drips all over me, more so my dearly beloved shoes!  Haha.  Yes, I've since scrubbed and RESOLVE'D them but they still tell the tale!

I've worn numerous pairs of boots within the last two years, that I did not bother to post pictures. Ahhh, but now I want some height. Yes, height ... 3 or 4 inches.  I'm thinking wedges ... like my friends below who bring it during Lucian Carnival!

My reasons for wanting some height on the road for Miami Carnival ...

To Look Tall
Good Body Posture
Sexy Looking Legs
To Compliment My Costume

Let's keep it simple ... I WANT DAMN NEAR SEXY!

I ordered some open toe-wedge-booties. I'm not brave enough to spend hours in heels, 'though I am confident after my CARIBANA partying that I CAN PALANCE IN HEELS.

The biggest differences between heels and wedges is the comfort level if you are going to be wearing them for any length of time. With heels, because the pressure is being concentrated on one small area of the foot, the shoes tend to become very uncomfortable after a short time of wearing them. Wedges on the other hand balance the pressure throughout the whole foot, and are generally fine to wear all day without discomfort. Wedges tend to be a lot more stable to stand in for long periods of time compared to heels, which can often be difficult to balance on.

... but still my best hot to trot, carnival shoe experience has to be
this young lady last year, Miami Carnival.
She had that BOOM BOOM POW!
... but I'm not there yet!

Other Personal Debates:

UPDATED: Since Sweet 7 friend, Jason took the time to comment "I remember that girl last year. When she walked, she wined :-)," on this post. 

Umm, how could I forget?!!! Since the post was about shoes, I did crop him out but I might as well share the picture story of Jason & the mysterious lady in heels for Miami Carnival 2009. LOL! Here's how that story goes. LMAO. Kisses Jason.


  1. I wore wedged boots on Carnival Tuesday for Trini Carnival 2009, and wow....if my feet could have kicked me at Jenny's Car Park last lap.....they would have! I had to soak my feet in Epsom salts for like.....3 days!!!! LOL!!! I could be too that I didn't break them in properly...

  2. I wore a low wedge-heeled boot for Caribana this year and I have to say that my feet were the most comfortable that they've ever been in my 20+ years of playing mas in Toronto and TT. I also bought the boots 2 sizes larger than I usually wear (I wear an 8 and bought a 10) so that my feet had room to "spread" during the day. I put a cushioned inner sole in the boots and I was good to go. It felt great!

    Now that I've broken those boots in, they're going to be my go-to boots for Caribana and Carnival from now on. I'm going to just scrub them and spray paint them whatever color they need to be that year.

  3. I remember that girl last year. When she walked, she wined :-)