College Girl's PowerPoint "F. List" Goes Viral

It's a day after Miami Carnival, and I'm here, recovering.  My body is spent. I often tease, Miami is my old stomping ground, since I went to college here. ... And 'though, it truly was my coming of age, I find it slightly amusing to read recently graduated Duke female college student, Karen Owen's PowerPoint "Fuck List" which has now gone viral.

Duke is in an uproar about the highly detailed "fuck list" that the recent female graduate made — in PowerPoint, complete with penis-size evaluations and dirty talk transcripts. The full document begins at the bottom.

I immediately shared it on Facebook and started an ongoing chat with a friend:

My friend: Let's just say I'm reading ...LOL!! Very interesting. Every time I think of college I get scared for my niece and nephew.. but then again we all needed that life experience!

Me: Girl ... I just thought, I should have been smarter. LOL! Haha. Honestly though I thank my college experiences for every part of who I am today! I can list a million things it exposed me to!

My Friend: Yup!!! I like how the photo and scores are given!! She better pen a deal!!!

Me: ‎... And right there, she got a world of education that's going to make her rich. LMAO.

My Friend: Damn right!!! Cha ching! - (the hook-up where she couldn't walk the next day...LMAO) Wooooowwww. If we didn't grow up like we did and didn't want to embarrass our family and selves! DAMN! A mini series!!

What do you think?

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