Advice from the Carnival Veterans to the Carnival Virgins

I love this most recent post 'Advice from the Carnival Veterans to the Carnival Virgins' by Trinidad Carnival Diary blogger, Saucy, ... even as a carnival veteran I got some tips! 

I loved this tip, "Take a ziplock bag that can hold your camera and/or phone in the event it starts to don't want to know all your pictures spoiled from your card getting wet."

... but I particularly liked this tip, which I will give some additional advice due to past experience, "Organize a meeting place with your friends in case you get lost. Keep your cell phone close, and yuh camera closer."

MY SIMPLE ADVICE: Make certain you charge your phone the night before and don't do this ... Due to a dead phone battery on the road, and not being able to contact friends, I suggest that you write telephone numbers and even addresses on a piece of paper. Just in case! ... And especially with alcohol involved who knows if the at the end of the day you'll even remember to whom and where you're to be delivered to.  LOL!

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