DONATE to Tropical Villas Soufriere Aid and Recent Pictures

Tropical Villas has a rep down in the Soufriere area, who lives close to Fond St. Jacques and she has been helping many homeless and destitute families in that area and Morne La Croix. The group is about 250 people including 15 babies and 6 disabled people. She is also working through the church in Fond St. Jacques.

Tropical Villas has been directly bringing food and supplies for people in those areas. Their next boat run delivery should be by Wednesday. If you would like to donate, please drop off the following items or any items at the Tropical Villas office, at the entrance of Cap Estate. Telephone 1.758.450.8240. People are in dire need of need food and clothing (like shoes, bras, underwear) foam for beds, first aid kits, potties, diapers, etc). 
Anse Chastanet road barrier gone
Anse Chastanet car park
Anse Chastanet near security gate
Anse Chastanet road 
Anse Chastanet road surface
Anse Chastanet road

Jalousie rd near first security gate
Jalousie road after bridge
Jalousie road
Ladera road
Malgretoute bridge
Malgretoute new river
Malgretoute road
Single lane road near Stonefield
Soufriere bridge
Soufriere field

See what those places looked like prior to Hurricane Tomas: 

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