My Recent 2010 Birthday Trip - Phuket , Thailand

Another year ... and still the desire to return to Phuket, Thailand once again and not some other desirable destination, like Prague or St.Petersburg, Russia!  My first trip. To get to Thailand and about 36 hours of travel time, I went via Kuwait and Dubai. It was my first time in Kuwait, and my third year November-anniversary in Dubai. My first trip to Dubai.

Upon landing in Kuwait, I noted the entire place was sand colored, from the earth below to the buildings spread and planted atop.  It was a sand oasis,  without any sign of a beach nearby. While in Kuwait for six hours, I really wanted to take pictures of the Arabs; the women in burqas and the men in traditional dress ... but for the few hours I was in transit in Kuwait, I had no plans to spend my life time locked up in a jail there or either get my hands chopped off, 'cause I found it necessary to take a picture just to show you.
Once we boarded our Emirates Airline flight to Dubai, my husband was happy to inform me that we were on the number one rated best airline in the world. Much to my disbelief, nothing impressive really ... dirty bathrooms, service nothing compared to Thai Airlines, decor and seating ok.  Nothing bowled me over,  not even the ceiling which lit up like a starry night, once cabin lights were dimmed for take off. Comforting on an Arab flight, with men in white gowns and women in burkas, was seeing two black female flight attendants, hearing a blonde Australian, chatting with another Asian male flight attendant. I don't think I've seen so many different race flight attendants on any one flight. So this made knocking back a few glasses of wine a  lot easier.  LOL!

The third time is a charm!  Simply, 'cause I knew the routine and the airport is now familiar.  I felt quite chill in Dubai. So chill that I had Cold Stone Creamery ice cream.  I always have vanilla with marshmallows and caramel.  Heavenly.  PS ... thanks for the free Wi-Fi. I was able to update The Sweet 7.

... And this is where I leave you to see the rest of my birthday trip to PHUKET, THAILAND in video! I may post pictures later. By the way ... I do curse!  Ahh, the mouth of a female sailor! LOL! NOW SAFE TO ENTER!


Love Thailand 2010 Pt 1

Love Thailand 2010 Pt 2

Fish Pedicure - Thailand 2010

Fish Pedicure The End - Thailand 2010

Out on the road in Phuket!

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand!

Parasailers - Patong Beach, Phuket

Buying Guava from a Vendor - Phuket, Thailand

Buying Strawberry & Nutella Crepes from a Vendor

Outside my Marriott Hotel Room in Phuket

My 3rd Tattoo - 2nd in Thailand!
Thanks Roy - SN Tattoo Family n Famous Phuket Thailand

Best Thai Rice in Phuket!

Best Shrimp Pad Thai in Phuket

Chicken Feet in My Bag. Phuket, Thailand

All Under $10. - Thai Food!

Also in Thailand, I fell in love with Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), thanks to his words I was able to let go of the pain I felt from Hurricane Tomas and the seething hatred I felt towards some ... 

"In real life it takes a lil' longer than two and a half hours. In movies, everything happens in two and a half hours and the bad happens, the good happens and you win and everything is happy but in life it is longer than 2 1/2 hours ... it is sometimes two and a half months,  two and a half days,  two and a half years or twenty years but finally it happens, you just got to have patience, you got to have resolve and most important of all, you got to have belief. There is nothing more important than belief. If you have belief that this is going to happen, it will happen. You dream it. You imagine it. You believe it. You think it. You sleep it. You wake it. You eat it. You got to have belief like that!" - Living with a Superstar Shah Rukh Khan Part 7 

To be good to life, live it! 
Morgan Freeman

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