Miss Trinidad & Tobago & Miss Jamaica UNIVERSE

It's no secret that our Caribbean ladies can certainly win the Miss Universe crown. There have been others, but I am most familiar with Miss Trinidad & Tobago UNIVERSE, and second time winner from the twin island republic,  Wendy Fitzwilliam. ... And every trip to Trinidad for Carnival, when I catch a glimpse of her .... I can't help but be a Wendy fan.

Since St.Lucia does not usually send a contestant, it's become the norm to support Caribbean contestants. ... And last year, when I saw the Miss Trinidad & Tobago UNIVERSE contestant, La Toya Woods at the TRIBE Carnival band launch, I was instantly 'TEAM La Toya!'  

Yet on the night of the Miss Universe 2010 competition, the Miss Jamaica Universe contestant, Yendi Phillipps became the first runner up to Miss Mexico.

I've become such a Facebook follower of all three ladies, check out a recent picture that Yendi posted
... she's gone natural.

Both  Miss Trinidad & Tobago UNIVERSE and Miss Jamaica UNIVERSE have Facebook pages. Fans can get familiar with the delegates and observe the selection of a national delegate to represent each of the countries at the international Miss Universe pageant.

... And on that note, last week I saw a photo on Facebook of a line up of the 12 Trinidad & Tobago contestants. Only three young ladies were (name) tagged. One of the young ladies was 'Greer Anjelica Iton.'  Immediately the last name, 'Iton' was familiar to me.  Later, I realized that she is a family friend's lil' daughter who is all grown up now. When Greer was a little girl, she visited St.Lucia and spent a day splashing around with her little brother. Her father and his twin brother are friends of my dad's. They went to college and UWI in Jamaica. In fact, her uncle is my brother's godfather too. SMALL WORLD!  

Eighth contestant from left: Greer Anjelica Iton

UPDATE 4/21/11

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