My Royal Wedding Excitement & Breakfast Menu

I don't know what you're thinking if you're not into the Royal Wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton.

In 1981, I was fours years old when I remembered Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles. That 25 foot train alone was unforgettable! 3 decades, 30 years later ... so much has changed in all our lives! It's unfathomable to think, 30 (*thir-ty*) years have passed.  So we've all gotten old, no doubt! Lost loved ones and or extended our families.

Thirty years later, I now have a four year old of my own. So it's been long decided, on April 29th ... she's not going to school.  She will stay home and witness this grand royal event.  There's no other royal family with the pomp of the British Royals, and I don't believe any other wedding will be as important in my lifetime as Prince William's. Not Prince Charles (oops, did not realize he remarried in 2005), nor Prince Harry (unless something unforeseen happens)!

.. And what a spiral Diana went through from the minute she became a princess till her death in that tunnel in France. Who could forget her splashed across every magazine cover in her lifetime (in ours too)? Despite Diana's whirlwind life, she was always so very protective of her boys. ... And was prepping a young Prince William to some day be King. ... And truly he has not let her down, he seems to be a well grounded young man.
And though the English are not as stimulating as Americans. (*Yawn*) Prince William and Kate Middleton bring a new hope for the monarchy. Certainly, these two have been beating to their own drum.

Prince William courted Kate who is as regular as the rest of us. She's a commoner.  She comes to us with no royal title, the daughter of a British Airways flight attendant and flight dispatcher. Kate Middleton is no Disney princess, she will become a British royal princess, and even possibly someday queen.  I may just live to see this. .... And like most lil' girls, I want my daughter to believe that someday "my prince will come!"  

It is said that Kate has invited her old village mailman, butcher and grocer, among 2000 guests ranging from the couple's friends, her family, the British royals, every other European royal family and others lucky enough to receive a die-stamped royal invitation. The two have invited Sir Elton John, Victoria & David Beckham, and Kanye West!  Kayne West ... and you're still not interested in this royal wedding? It's been hinted that an American rapper may perform.  Just imagine the possibilities P.Diddy, Jay Z ... Snoop Dog!  As was once unimaginable that a black family would be in the White House, so is a rapper performing at a British royal wedding. I can see it now Queen Elizabeth getting down to 'Gin & juice!' LOL!

All jokes aside ... 

I look forward to the pageantry of this formal occasion.  Since Kate has no title, she will arrive Westminster Abbey in a Rolls Royce, not a carriage like Diana. The seating is four inches higher for royalty. Even this Royal Church, Westminster Abbey has a royal history. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned here. Did you know the late Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth's mom was married to the same King (King George VI) we saw struggle with his speech in Oscars 2011 Best Picture, 'The King's Speech'?  At one point in the movie, we saw what was supposed to be a young Elizabeth and her sister, Margaret.

Westminster Abbey was also the setting of Princess Diana's funeral. So in retrospect, Prince William has the presence of his mother at his wedding.  What a moving and emotional moment, it will be, finally a happy memory of the Abbey superseding his mother's funeral there in 1997. This is also our chance to show up and bid Princess Diana's first born ... all the best!

The tiara will be given to Kate by The Queen. It will be either chosen from the Queen's royal jewels or purchased, such was the case with Sarah Ferguson's (The Duchess of York) tiara. Princess Diana was an aristocrat.  So on the day of Diana's wedding she had 2 crowns.  Diana chose to wear her family tiara, The Spencer Tiara.  The Queen handed Diana, 'The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara'.

Media and fashion are much changed since 1981.  Both are more available to us all, in an instant ... thanks to tweets, Youtube, Facebook, cell phones, etc.  So I can't wait to sit at home and follow the wedding and the fashions by the second. My eyes will be on Kate Middleton, a modern royal bride.  And you've got to love her, it has been confirmed that the future princess Kate Middleton is going the DIY route when it comes to her wedding-day makeup. But to ensure that her makeup is picture perfect, a friend recommended that Middleton take private lessons, and she did with makeup artist Arabella Preston. 

This is British Royal history ... and we have another opportunity to be a part of it!

To-The-Minute Royal Wedding Schedule

WATCH LIVE STREAM of The Royal Wedding:
BBC America:  3 am ET (12 midnight PT) to 8:30 am ET (5:30 am PT) 5:45 am ET to 8:45 am ET
YouTube: Royal Channel : from 10 a.m. BST (9:00 a.m. GMT/ 2:00 a.m. PT /5:00 a.m. ET)

A glimpse at my Royal Breakfast Menu
I am going to make it momentous by celebrating the occasion with a wonderful royal family breakfast. Camera in hand too. The day of the Royal Wedding, since my husband makes the best scrambled eggs, I'm thinking scrambled eggs, pork sausages and instead of the usual pancakes, I want french toast.  A continental breakfast of sorts ...  

Since I am not normally a tea or coffee drinker, I want to sip on a cup of tea and have a shot of coffee.  Instead of running out to buy Lipton Red Rose tea bags, I'll use tea in my pantry that I keep on hand for house guests  ... And will have a shot of cuban coffee, colada to stay awake in the early AM hours.  

I want rich, sweet decadent ... I love this easy recipe, and thinking I can prepare from the day before and simply pop in the oven a few hours, before the Royal Wedding.  I've chosen an easy menu so that I can be seated to watch the entire event from 5AM eastern time. 

But instead of dark chocolate or milk chocolate ... I will continue with the Easter theme.  I will substitute with Cadbury creme eggs.  I got the idea from this Cadbury Creme Egg-in-the-Hole recipe. I can already taste the warm, melted cadbury chocolate ... and see myself licking creme from my fingers.  YUM.

To include a healthy choice, 'cause I can already see my lil' one feasting only on the unhealthy part of this breakfast ... why not a homemade parfait?  I'm thinking, the following recipe can be altered to include any in season fruit.  ... And if I were at home in the Caribbean, St.Lucia ... mangoes, etc.  YUM again.

My favorite new word for intoxicating beverage is LIBATION.  There can't be such festivities without a libation.  It's a celebration.  So I was thinking mimosas (champagne/ sparkling wine and OJ) but nah man, over the Thanksgiving holiday season in Vermont, the neighbor introduced me to sparkling wine and cranberry juice.  Loved it!  The following recipe caught my attention ... and I'm thinking, Caribbean tweaking, guava, mango, passion fruit juice with champagne, OHH la la!

So, of course, the day is supposed to me as memorable for my daughter too. When she looks back 30 years from that wedding day, I want it to warm her heart. So she must be part of this celebration ... champagne glass in hand, but with a non-alcoholic beverage:

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  1. Princes Diana was a great princes everyone will say this she was kind hearted but she is no more now anyway we shall see Middleton will fulfill her role.