Play Dough Recipe

When my daughter was born I encouraged creative arts and toys ... coloring (markers, crayons), play dough, etc.

When she was about 2 years old, I quickly banned play dough in my house hold. She'd either mix colors, making a blob that looked like muck or sit and make tiny lil' (and I mean little) balls which would end up on my carpet. 

My parents were warned to stay away from the play dough aisle in Toys R Us. By three, on a trip to visit her abuelos in Miami, she returned with a play dough set which included play dough colors and molds. Before I knew it, she was making play dough everything, pizza, hot dogs, pork chops.

... And the time has come, yesterday we registered her in elementary school for the upcoming school year.  As she moves into another stage, the booklet in her welcome bag, included this play dough recipe. 

Here's my girlie ... with her homemade playdough.
Play Dough Recipe:

 2 cups flour
1 cup of salt
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 tablespoon of cream of tarter
1 cup of water with food coloring added

Mix ingredients. 
Heat in pan and stir constantly until dough pulls away from pan and forms a lump. 
Knead the dough and store in plastic bag or butter tub.

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