Sweet Eyes ... HOT Bikinis

Didn't the groundhog say early Spring or did he just blight the oncoming season?
I am so ready to get Springy - jiggy ... and Summer - groovin!

So much so, I am now sick ... you see, earlier this week I left my house in a net vest, nothing underneath except for my bra, no tank. Silly me, 'cause the temperatures in Virginia are still in the 30°s F. Anyway I was smart enough to pair it with a military jacket! (Pictures below)

So when I saw this Vonn bikini ... I fell in love with it's skimpy bottom!
The necklace ... I got that covered, thanks to my TRIBE 2011 costume.
I just need to pull off the two remaining stones!

... surrounded by my bodyguards. Teasing. LOL!

 .. And as for this JASON bikini top, made me think "you should have studied fashion design."
but hey, this makes me wanna start knotting fabric! LOL!

Where art thou, dear Spring?
So I don't have to pretend you're already here, when really you're not!

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