12 Of My Favorite Travel Blogs

I'll share one secret. I'd visit anywhere as long as bombs aren't flying over! Thus far, I've been to 5 out of the 7 continents, except South America and Antarctica. So I've put together a list of 12 of my favorite travel blogs and quotes.

I make no apologies for picking an entire list of 'people of color', mostly black travel bloggers. My intentions are to kill the notions that black people do not travel and that we should not be open to the idea of travel. They are you, me, us ... in many ways! They are a young and savvy bunch. My list includes travelers with a dash of sex appeal and men, of which one blogger is Trinidadian.

Each blog suggested gives sound travel advice and suggestions on how to travel affordably. Even if you're stuck in one spot for the time being, take your next trip of a lifetime with them. Buckle your seat belt 'cause we're about to take off. Our world  has no borders, it's our playground! 

Hi! I'm Oneika (pronounced oh-KNEE-kah).

I'm a gal in her late twenties who has an intense passion for travel, culture, and language. I have been to over 40 countries and am always the verge on planning my next trip. I grew up in Toronto, Canada (though, if you really want to get specific, I spent my extremely formative teenage years in Mississauga, Canada). Most recently, I was an English Literature and French teacher at a international high school in Hong Kong, but I am currently taking a brief sabbatical. I am an aspiring polyglot who speaks English and French fluently. I also speak intermediate-level Spanish, and know about three  five words of German.

2. Travelista

Watch the Travelista TV hosts Andrea and Teri as they jet set around the world in search of the good life - adventure, culture, cuisine, music, parties, and star-studded events!

3. Rishi Sankar: Ah Trini Travelogue

When you've been on the road for more than 10 years and 89 countries, it's tough to remember everything. This is just a Trinidadian's chronicle of his world travels, sometimes with a little or a lot of Single Malt Scotch ... 

4. Brooklyn Travel Addict

“How was your trip?”

It’s a simple question, right? We get it every time we come back from any destination. At that point we usually just begin with the obligatory “It was nice!” followed by a quick recap of a few highlights. However, 48 hours into my trip to Ghana in December, I realized that I had come way too far (and paid way too much) to come back to the US, send out a Kodak gallery of photos, and tell folks it was “nice.”Nice would be a travesty of verbal injustice. A tragic underestimation of epic proportions. A massacre of literary ineptitude and a disgrace to…okay I’m just being dramatic now but you get it. My trip to Ghana was literally a life-changing experience and I wanted to remember as many moments as I possibly could before my Betty White memory got the best of me.

5. Nicole Is the New Black

Licensed Jet-setter and Perpetual Expatriate 

Nicole has lived outside of the United States since 2006 and has no intentions of turning back. She most likely inherited her migrating spirit from her grandmother, who emigrated from Jamaica to America shortly after Nicole was born. Nicole prides herself on being a world traveler, already visiting 23 countries on 5 different continents. She currently resides in Berlin, Germany, a city quickly identified as her kindred spirit.

6. Brown Girls Fly

We are women (sisters actually) who love life on the road, experiencing other cultures, other languages, the joys and pains of human existence first hand. 

We have a moderate travel budget, but have made it our obsession to find ways of stretching it as far as humanly possible. 

Because we will follow a good travel deal wherever it leads, we are prone to craziness, like cross-country trips just to earn mileage or weekend jaunts to Europe just to hang out with friends. 

But, most of all, we want to encourage as many people as possible to leave their comfort zones and see the world for themselves. So, we share our stories (and our friend’s stories) with hopes that they’ll inspire you to do the same!

As a kid, a long one-way train ride from Louisiana to California took me out of the Asthma Belt and into a place where I literally could breathe. Along the way, it showed me a world beyond the one I knew. It taught me to imagine, to wonder, to dream.

In more ways than one, that trip saved my life, and I've been traveling ever since. It's my life-long education, my concert hall without walls, my global picnic. It never gets old.

Five or six decades ago, we didn't feel the need to learn much about other places, or other peoples. They were far away. They had little impact on our lives. They didn't matter.

We could get away with that in the last century. We won't in this one.

Let's take the mystery, confusion and fear out of travel. Let's see how it works (and ways that it can work better), how it can benefit your life, and your children's lives, how it can strengthen us as a nation and help lift us up as a people.

Many years and many journeys later, travel is still finding new ways to help me breathe. And it can do the same for you.

8. Fly Brother

Fly Brother tackles international travel in unabridged, unapologetic, full and complete color. It’s also the blog name of writer and educator Ernest White II, a tall, ruggedly handsome, erudite, occasionally delusional Black American male based mostly in South Florida, but can also be found in São Paulo, Berlin, and anywhere else that tickles his fancy.

9. Kiratiana Travels

The Incredible Travel Fellowship

Right before I graduated from Harvard in 2002, I landed a fellowship I did not expect to receive. I found an e-mail in my inbox that said I was nominated for a $20,000 fellowship around the world. The catch was I had to write a two-page paper on what I would do with it….

Within an hour I had it figured out. Drawing from my Black Guide to Life at Harvard fame, I was going to create a series of travel guides to destinations in the African Diaspora—destinations like West Africa, Paris, London, Brazil, and the Caribbean. Well I was awarded the fellowship and took that $20,000 trip around the world in 2002 and 2003.

When I set out on the trip around the world, I had one goal—to write a Black Travel Guide.

That was in 2002.

10. A View To A Thrill 

I believe in seeing the world for as little as possible!

I have always been inquisitive about life, nature and the big world atlas in the back of our old Funk & Wagnall’s encyclopedia that enchanted me as a child. I’ve always wanted to explore the things that people (lovingly) tried to steer me from (since little girls like me didn’t dare to dream THAT big) and perhaps I was influenced by explorers of several centuries past who longed to discover faraway places that I, too, had dreamed of.

Traveling is a release from the ‘real world’ which allows you to be who you really are without having to be subject to familiar stares and their requisite judgments. Not that you are planning to go on a drunken binge or anything, but just of knowing that you can be who you really are is liberating.

American Black Chick in Europe is about one American’s time living, working and travelling in Europe. One part travel, one part expat and one part personal blog, American Black Chick in Europe serves up tidbits and information about life in Europe straight up with no chasers.

Having lived in Europe since 2008, with stints in England, France and currently Belgium, this American Black Chick in Europe seeks to demystify what I affectionately refer to as these crazy Europeans.

 ... And of course, there are my travel posts, 

What are some of your travel plans?
What are some of the places you'd like to visit?


  1. I am so honored to be in the company of such illustrious travel writers!! Thank you so much for selecting me as one of your favorite travel blogs.

    You are quite right, black people do travel. Frequently. I consider it my mission to encourage anyone who wants to, to do it! Sometimes, the only people holding us back is ourselves. Luckily, we can change that.

    Happy Travels!

  2. Hi Nyree
    Thanks for the mention on your list. Hopefully, the next time you put together a list, there will be more Trinis, who can make the list :)


  3. Many thanks for the shout-out. Yours is exactly the spirit we need more of. The world is indeed our playground. It's also our classroom and our business opportunity. We need to get in the game, and in this century, the game is global.

  4. All of you are most welcome! Happy and Safe Travels.

  5. Ciao Nyree and all of our fellow travelers, we are so proud and happy to do what we do for a living.

    Let's keep on spreading the word, and keep stamping up our passports. Living to inspire the young ones!!