St.Lucian Parisian Celebrity Vincent McDoom - Jazz Fashion Show Rehearsals (VIDEO)

With the revamped, redesigned and broadened artistic direction of the Saint Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and the Saint Lucian Government have teamed up with Saint Lucian Parisian fashion celebrity Vincent McDoom.

McDoom will serve as artistic director for the first ever Saint Lucia 'HOT Couture' Jazz Fashion Show in May. The event is expected to see the participation of local and regional fashion designers as well as international models with St Lucian roots and up and coming models from St Lucia, almost indicating the birth of a St.Lucian fashion movement.

McDoom, who is a prominent name and face on the haute couture scene in Paris, France, is also into media and film. He had been set to rush off to Poland to work with Poland’s Next Top Model when he was invited to get involved with ‘Hot Couture’ and is currently the force behind SLU Models Elite.

Source: MovieLink

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