Lime Crime Makeup - So Bright, It's Illegal!

Lime Crime Makeup is "so bright, it's illegal!"

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This makeup is perfect for any makeup lover but it's exactly what a carnival reveler needs, the colors pop and last long.  ... And it's "even brighter and more illegal" when used with a mixing medium, like water. (How To Use Pigments). 

Lime Crime Makeup is bold on every skin color, from light to dark skin tones.

Xenia a freelance makeup artist & musician, began posting makeup tutorials on her blogazine, Doe Deere. Within months, Lime Crime tutorials became a staple in the makeup community, prompting thousands of requests for new looks and beauty advice. Meanwhile, Xenia was faced with a challenge: her favorite colors - electric blue, cosmic pink and her signature lime green - were notoriously hard to find! Eyeshadow looked bright in the box, but turned up a ghost version on the skin. And so, Lime Crime Makeup was born. Today, Xenia runs her company out of Brooklyn, NY with a promise to make eyeshadow "so bright, it's illegal!"

Source: Silja of Padmita’s Makeup Blog.
Colors used: Duchess, Empress, Jinx glitter

Source: MUA: Jordan Liberty.
Colors used: Treasure Chest, Pompadour, Duchess

Check out Lime Crime's 3 metallic shadows: 
Mirror, Mirror, Treasure Chest, Diva
Use the code "sweetestperson10" for 10% off your purchase.

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