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Ahhh. This blog has introduced me to random strangers whom now I consider friends.  They've joined my more intimate friend network, Facebook!  Nicky is one of those friends.  You may have seen Nicky's comments on this blog during St.Lucian Carnival 2008 and now again in 2009. She kind of disappeared for a while and later expressed here that she was applying to colleges in the USA. Well, for weeks she's been gearing up for prom in St.Croix, trying to find the right dress and the perfect makeup.

This blog is as much about the fans, so I had to post Nicky's recent email to me:

Hey Nyree,

I was really anxious about my make-up. I wanted to have it professionally done but my sister opposed it because it hurt her to see that I had to pay $20 for what I can get free in US malls. So I went for the plunge. I just did my eyes and lips, no foundation. People said it wouldn't make sense because I'll be sweating from all that dancing. I was thinking of a couple of rhinestones on the corner of my eyes but my sis thought it was too ghetto. And besides, I wasn't in the mood to find the right glue to stick it. While practicing and actually doing it for the occasion, I've realized how much fun it is. I want to do 1 for graduation but the only eye shadow I bought were shades of blue lol.

Overall, prom was great. I had alot of fun but the time was too short even though we ended @ 1. I told my date I don't care how we got to prom, just as long as we got there. Well my goodness, I didn't know how seriously Crucians took the entrance to enter prom. This truly surpasses the Lucian 'zaffair moun' epidemic and standing outside people's weddings and funerals. You mean to tell me that people, strangers, will leave their homes from one side of the island, to go to the other end of the island just to see the people's children entering the prom?? (The distance can be compared from VF to Dennery-stretched out) I was in shock to see how serious it was, if I'd known I'd really prepare myself.

So my date and I rolled up at the back of a sexy black Mustang.....2 door (I hate 2 doors) The car was already low, and here I am w/ my long dress and 4 date came out first, then I found myself struggling. People are outside waiting to see me. My upper body was on one end ready to get out (passengers side) and my feet at the other. There's this huge hard hump in the middle of the back seat. Great....and people are still waiting!!!! I closed my eyes, miraculously got my feet out, and stretched my hand so my date can reach it. Got a lil' yays and claps and woos, and 1 or 2 flashes. These nosy people, how embarrassing. As soon as we left, this antique Chevrolet pulled up w/ 2 prom couples. If you heard the amount of claps and flashes these girls received. lol. I just wanted to go inside. But its not that bad as it may seem, I was just simply clueless about the significance of the entrance. I definitely didn't feel so bad later on cause another girl had the same exact dress as one of the girls from the Chevrolet. Boy if you were there to see that smile on my face! lol

I also ran for prom queen lol. No I didn't win as expected, but it was simply J4F lol. My date and I still found time to spend w/ each other after we ditched each other to check out our other peeps. (I did it 1st) Everyone agreed that they expected more from prom, it was overrated, etc. I felt it was too short, and all the months stressing for just a second (kind of like Christmas). I'll always remember my prom. And I hope Ava-Sol will have fun memories (maybe including the entrance lol) just like I did.

Graduation is on Wednesday, and by the way, I'm going to Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in August! Yay!

Love Nicky

Good Luck Nicks!

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