Yesterday, I read an article "Are Nipples 2009’s Must-have Fashion Accessory?" and ignored posting it but today when I saw pictures of Ciara shopping in L.A. yesterday, I thought they might be on to something.

My nipple experiences ... as a child, I remember an older woman's A-cup jello jigglies and nipple tease, as they would protrude through her clothes.  Her reason simply was "A bra in our weather ... it's just too hot!" 

With all the extras in Victoria's Secret bras; padding and cushion, bras are an additional heat in the tropics!

... And I'll never forget the time, I was in college then.  My first introduction to meet my in-laws, my then boyfriend was adamant that I wear a bra with my top.  So I did.  Today, he's my husband and they're my in-laws.

Strangely, my husband has gotten over his nipple, jello-jiggly boobie fears! 

Christina Ricci, Victoria Beckham & Meagan Fox (June 2009)


  1. I honestly think that is a fashion no no!!!!I hate to see nipples! I mean really....

  2. so does it mean that we can roam w/out a bra??? does that mean dat all the time in h.s. i been setting the trend but was too ashamed therefore covering my chest w/ text books??? oh great!