Bridesmaid Dresses Under $50

Immediately, I thought that's why I have the closet of clothes, I do have. I love bargains, most times. ... And when I saw these dresses, I thought these are the perfect bridesmaid dresses.  You already know, I don't believe in spending crazy money on the wedding. I believe money is better spent on a down payment on your first home, so I encourage the "Practical Bride" ... past posts, Practical Bride and the Practical Bride - Dresses (Gowns) under $250.

3 Musts:
1. A White Dress (or even a dress you like, color does not matter, I think)
2. A Father Figure to walk you down the aisle (a woman is cool too, just have someone give you away)
3. A Photographer (you need tangible memories)

These dresses are gorgeous, a mix of summery color, short and modern! Perfect for a beach wedding too. Tres sexy for your hottie friends and UNDER $50. The only one who may have a fit is the priest but who cares! Ok, so find a lovely shawl.

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