St.Lucian Producer Michelle Serieux - New Caribbean Cinema

The New Caribbean Cinema Series is a fresh, pioneering approach to film-making in the Caribbean. A mixture of ‘First World’ technical skill and business savvy flavored with a distinctly Caribbean world-view, the New Caribbean Cinema Series proposes to present the world with a showcase of creative artistry from the region’s up and coming filmmakers. 

The series is a Caribbean co-production, jointly produced by Storm Saulter from Jamaica and the St Lucian born Michelle Serieux. The productions rely heavily on the creative and technical support of Joel Burke and Nile Saulter and are sustained by the commitment and effort of our production crew, who work for us at greatly reduced costs so that we can create a body of work that represents our capabilities. Tired of waiting on funding that never comes, New Caribbean Cinema exists to challenge old models and to prove that in our region, innovation and ingenuity are key to our artistic expression. - New Caribbean Cinema

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