Carnival Sweat-Proof Foundation & MakeUp

Lyla posted a question on FB this morning: I know Trini women do it but how plausible is it to wear face make up (not talking about eye makeup), I am talking about full out concealer, foundation and powder on Carnival Monday & Tuesday? I wanna know which one can survive that Union heat!

... And the best answer in a video format is "Trinidad Carnival 2010 Sweatproof Foundation & MakeUp" from Trinidadian, MsQueenofBling. In this video, MsQueenofBling's tests her foundation and makeup after a 2 hour intense workout at the gym. All the effort and commitment because of her love for Trinidad Carnival and a perfect sweat proof face for the road!

Over the last few years, I used M.A.C Prep and Prime Face Protect SPF which she also recommended, in addition to M.A.C Prep and Prime Eye.  ...And my makeup stays on! From my experience of watching a lot of other YOUTUBE  videos, plenty other ladies believe in Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  Recently, I noted that E.L.F Cosmetics has a primer  for under $5 and since my recent meeting, IMAN Cosmetics has one too. 

Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary's advice to keep makeup in place is, "For those who love the made up look, the key is NOT, I repeat NOT to go out with a bare face. Use a lightweight moisturizing sunscreen with a HIGH SPF (45+) like Neutrogena. Then, spray a VERY HIGH (60+) sunscreen all over your body and go lie down for a little while and let it absorb into your skin. Ideally it should be in an air conditioned room, but if A/C is not an option, just place yourself where you can get the coolest breeze in the house. Then get up later and apply your makeup. Your skin feels like it has been freshly washed because everything is already absorbed! To make cosmetics last, use PRIMER for damn near everything. There are eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick primers among other things! THEN apply your regular makeup over the primer. It lasts! Primers can be purchased at Clinique, Sephora, from any upscale makeup line, and even CVS drugstore." - Carnival Virgin Survial Guide

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