St.Lucia Carnival 2010: NEW SOCA "Kadillac & I Eh for King!"

So I real' love Alhpa's Bumper Sticker, after a night of wine and tequila, I'll end with 2 new recent St.Lucia 2010 releases which may need a Lucian translation:

Kadillac in this case ... sounds like the word used for female genitalia in Lucian slang. So all the men, "want a ride in her Kadillac."  She has her ride, but only one man drives.  

Eh ... means "NOT," - "I NOT for King" ... and Stephenson KING is the current Prime Minister of St.Lucia. So Herbie is not for King ... sounds like, "I not F**cking!"

I doh (don't) want to get too explicit ... but it's real explicit! LOL! I like both.

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