St.Lucia Carnival 2010: RED's Reviews and Similarities

Generally, I like any costume to look more like a Trinidad costume, especially since costume prices seem to be increasing. I'll admit I don't pick up on similarities unless they are blatant; same costume, color, etc.  In 2008, RED almost gave us an exact blue costume from Trinidad that year.

After three years of focusing on St.Lucian Carnival, RED is REDefining Mas in St.Lucia. RED's launch is a major event, during the St.Lucia Jazz festivities. The band certainly pays attention to detail with its photo-shoots, of professionally made up models and models who look fit and ready for the road. A sexy model in a sexy costume appeals to an international market.  Aware of international revelers, RED offers online registration too.

Each year, RED's themes are out of the box, especially for St.Lucia.  It never is a played out theme. Their costumes are never the same from one year to the next.  The band offers a rainbow of color combinations and sexy costumes. It's apparent, they're giving revelers more and more of what they want.  This year, it's been rumored that the band will offer options of large or small headpieces, small arm pieces or large shoulder pieces.   Even last year, their frontline had a wire bra option.  For St.Lucian carnival, that was a major risk but RED did it.

Since posting RED Unlimited's 2010 costumes, they've gotten a lot of attention.  Basically it's been good but below are a few emails I've received.

"Quite honestly, I was a lil' underwhelmed by Red. I think I was expecting too much.  I must have been expecting a TNT type presentation. While the offering is a good one and great even by St.Lucia standards I'm not really loving too many of the offerings. I was more wowed with their portrayal from last year, I'd even say." - I agree, there is a RED costume from RIO 2009 that I still can't get out of my mind is Samba.
 "Erotic Bondage, ummm I get it, the design suits the name and makes sense but it's not a favorite."
"Just not a fan of those gansta hats for ladies that Just 4 Fun seems to love to offer as a headpiece, unless the design is a gansta design, I see no reason for a gansta hat for ladies as a headpiece.  Guys for multiple designs/themes/ideas etc fine, but ladies nah (no)!)"  - I HATE HATS, simply a lazy attempt at a headpiece for a female costume.

"I'm not sure why Wet Dreams is an East Indian/Arabian inspired costume but other than the fact that it looks like it may be right off of a belly dancing site it's an ok costume." - A friend keeps saying it reminds her of a belly dancer too.

It would be unfair to reveal Just 4 Fun's 2010 similarities, without pointing out Red's.  Red has similarities to Trinidad's biggest bands, most can be compared to TRIBE. Here is another email sent to me from PRIVATE EYE ...

Take a look at these comparison photos.
1. Burning Ecstasy has the same headpiece frame as Tribe's Xi Ling Shi

2. Candid Confessions is like a cheaper version of Tribe's Habotai. The headpiece frame is the same as well. The RED male is a replica of TRIBE's 2009 Scarlet Ibis from Birds of a Feather. Apparently guys costumes aren't immune to being inspired by either, nowadays.

3. Sinful Fantasies headpiece is inspired by Island People's Kalpana

4. Sultry Seduction, I can't remember where exactly I got these pictures from. I think it was a belly dance site but I've had it saved to my pc for almost 6 months now. So soon as I saw this costume, I knew it wasn't an original design.

5. Tempted To Touch is a cross between whatever the name of this Spice costume is and TRIBE's Mulberry. It has the Spice fringe, which was custom made for Spice this year and TRIBE's Mulberry bling trim.  LOL. Down to the exact leg pieces. Yikes.

6. Truth or Dare male is Tribe's 2009 Flamingo that never made it onto the road. With the exception of Sultry Seduction, which is the exact same costume, I find the "inspired by" female costumes subtle but the "inspired by" guys are too blatant. 


  1. I think we have to ask the most important question first, who designed these costumes and where are they being made? Something tells me that the designer of these costumes may be the same one who designed TRIBE's!

  2. S7 you on point girl....u do ur homework pretty well oui...When I saw the costumes, I said the same thing to a friend of mine...although we liked it better than the other band that we going to jump with...for Wet dreams, I said it looks like a Nickelmann's production...the leg piece, I told her was an exact replica of something that TNT used.....I never really looked at the male costumes, but I am so not surprised, cause I know is da same designers doing TNT and Lucia, so what else to expect oui....I still Reddddyyyyy oui!

  3. ha u see i said so in the last post they were tribe ish... the diference with this similarity and j4f similarity is that they are PERFECT! They are well done magnificent colour attention to detail ! great job RED!

  4. LOL. Note as well: Sonia actually used that style headpiece before in IP's Sahara. Her section then was Le Soliel Brulee.

  5. apart from candid confessions, i didn't realize similarities. i noticed tempted to touch had a similar colour to murberry, however their feathers were a dead givaway. but i still love it; cause the beading reminded me of spice's isis which was my favourite.

  6. The designer IS from Trinidad, her name is Alicia Balthazar and she also worked with Red last year. Word is she worked with the same producers that did TRIBE's headpieces, got the frames, and just added her own, new colour scheme of feathers!!!

  7. Lovely lovely comparison! thought the same when i saw some of them... haha

  8. wow amazing job finding these comparisons....Having jumped twice in Trinidad myself, and becoming accustomed to the high detailing and quality, I think its great that RED is trying to improve their standards, even if it means copying the first few years before they get the hang of things themselves, and find creative new talent to do originals. Luv reddd