St.Lucia Carnival in Trouble

Can you believe this, only weeks away from the official launch, on May 30th?
I don't understand how we work!
*Shaking my head*


  1. boo=/ very disheartening news.I'm sure carnival will take place though.*positive thoughts*

  2. It's not even about *positive* vibes or like some one else said, "it will all work out." I suppose that's the Lucian way ... mediocrity always seems to work and sadly, we're always happy, 'cause at the end of the 2010 carnival season, despite this lack of organization and this nonsense, we'll all be saying, "2010 was the best year!"

    I can't believe that we're asking St.Lucians overseas, Caribbean nationals and foreigners to participate in our carnival ... and we don't even have a venue to host, 3 weeks prior to the launch.

    More disturbing is while 'THE REST OF US' ... bands, visitors, etc are spending money, making plans and the effort months in advance for this event, I can't fathom that only 3 weeks prior to the launch the CDC is meeting with the government for its first meeting to plan and organize the event.

    Like a friend said, "Wasn't carnival switched from February to July so that we did not have to compete with Trinidad?" ... but with news like this, who's competing?

    Still, shaking my head, wonder what's the point to help push an island, even with my lil' efforts on this blog, that won't even try to help itself.

    ..And while the rest of the world considers carnival a money making business. We're ignoring it, for a Jazz festival that in recent years has dropped. Certainly, look around at one of those events, there are less foreigners. Jazz has turned into an expensive
    block-o, to say "I was there."

    I love St.Lucia and as St.Lucian we need to realize that if we're going to depend on tourist dollars, we have to do a lot better than that. 'Cause in this world, there are a whole lot of others places people can go spend their money.

    Even 2 weeks, after Lucian carnival ... there's the option to spend their money and go to Barbados or Toronto, or any where else one desires. For heaven's sake, why not just save up for Trinidad of the following year, than to worry on spending hard earned money on the mediocrity which seems to be Lucian carnival.

  3. Sweet, allow me to vent for a minute, because sometimes I really don’t understand how we work either!!!! I don’t know where this new thinking has come from – perhaps it has been around and I was just too young to understand!!! This really shows how much we value our people. If we can so-called 'invest' in Jazz festivities, something that isn't our culture, and half of St. Lucians don't participate (and if they do it’s just for the ‘lime’).....vs. 'investing' in our culture!

    For YEARS, people have been complaining of the lack of venues in St. Lucia for hosting the arts, and yet we building hotels....and figuring out ways to generate more of the tourist dollar. This week, the government is telling the National Trust that Maria Islet/Sandy Beach is an ideal spot for beachfront property for tourism development. I guess my teachers in Carmen Rene were wrong about Maria Islet….maybe it wasn’t the island that held two species of wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Maybe it’s going to turn into a luxurious spa, where guests can relax on their own personal island. How relaxing!!! Give me a break… And the Pitons development….Let’s not even go there!!! Don't get me wrong, I understand that we need the revenue, but we shouldn't be stepping over our people to get it because guess what, when the tourists leave, we're stuck with these massive concrete elephants that contribute nothing to our lives!

    Hanging my dead in shame and disappointment…