Drake's New Video : Bad for Jamaica?

Drake's new video "Find Your Love" with Mavado, has prompted Jamaican Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett to warn local acts to be careful about the way they portray Jamaica. Edmund Bartlett claims that the video is a bad look for Jamaica and that artist such as Mavado should be mindful of what videos they choose. He goes on to say, artist can’t involve themselves in videos that portray the country in a negative light.

The video, which was shot in April in sections of Kingston and St Andrew, stars Drake as a foreigner who falls in love with a woman who is romantically linked with a ‘gangster’ called Puffy, played by Mavado.

Really don't know who Caribbean politicians are trying to impress.  Just saying.

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  1. Much ado about nothing

  2. so now jamaica cares about what artistes put out all of a sudden. *chups* weh were dem for boom bye bye, or jamrock??

    anyways, i LOOOVE the song, enjoyed the video but them acting scenes too long man, and I thought mavado was going to be on the track. y is it drake always have a girl with some oversized ASSet(s)? but this time the girl is prettier and the video overall is better than the 'best i ever had'