St.Lucia Carnival 2010: St.Lucian Spirit Band and Website Launched

St.Lucian Spirit Band and Website Launched their 2010 presentation "Mama Dis' is Mas'"

The 2010 presentation pays homage to band leaders who were instrumental in the development of Carnival in St. Lucia. The likes of Turks, Cuthbert Anthony, Miss Bouty, Tony Ishmael and Vance Pilgrim. Band leaders and members worked diligently around the clock to perfect the Mas, pounding tin and bending wire. Seamstresses kept the midnight oil burning to give each reveler the perfect fit. Indeed they were dedicated Artisans.

The Steel Band was a prominent feature of Carnival in those days and could be heard practicing in the stillness of the night. The Steel band provided the “Music on the Road”.

Emerging out of all this on Carnival Monday and Tuesday was the splendour of Carnival. Bands on the road with creative purpose, an unburdening of talent and ultimately the glory of the Band Leaders, the Artists.

FYI: St.Lucian Spirit's Band Leader Joan Hinkson is the mother, Taribba Hinkson, the St.Lucian bag designer in Ethiopia,  même bête.  BTW, don't forget to enter the giveaway.

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