Cristianne Andrew Rose - St.Lucian Artist

I love creativity in all its art forms. ... And that includes art too. I grew up in a house where every piece on every wall, was painted by my mother. Her happy medium is water-color. So when Cristianne posted her art work on FB, I asked if she would not mind me sharing.  Currently, Cristianne is studying at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus in Barbados.  Art is something she does in her spare time, getting the urge when something sparks her interest.
Can you tell me a lil' about your art?
My art is basically about my emotions, when I draw or paint it usually depicts how I am feeling at the time.

How did you learn to draw/paint?
I originally started to be interested in art when my mother used to sit us down and draw amazing portraits of us, it took a long time and we never really sat still but after I saw the finished project I decided that I wanted to start learning how to draw. I have an eye to reproduce things that I observe, so looking at a picture and drawing a likeness is pretty easy for me. I did art in my high school (Castries comprehensive secondary) and there I learnt about shading and contrasting and painting.

What inspires you?
The pieces I chose were pieces which stood out to me. I lean more towards animals, women and pictures which show a depict emotion.

Why do you choose to reproduce some pieces?
When I do reproduce other drawings that I have seen or paintings, I just do it for fun and for my own personal enjoyment.

What's your favorite medium to work with? Why?
My favourite medium to work with is oil based paint and a canvas because it shows a lot more contrast and the colours can blend together flawlessly. Using  pencils and charcoal are also fun to use although the charcoal does make a horrendous sound and is quite messy if a mistake is done. When I use a pencil and draw it usually takes me about half and hour to reproduce a picture. When drawing a person in real life it takes a lot longer because the person usually fidgets.

What advice do you have for a newbie or someone who is shy when it comes to creativity?
Advice for a new comer would be: Art can be complicated and hard but it can also be very fun, if a person is serious, taking a class would be the first step. You would be amazed at what you can learn in just one class. Experimenting is also helpful, perhaps just get a piece of paper and try new things, look around at scenery, animals, people and find what makes you feel inspired and go from there. It is also a very good medium to relieve emotions like anger, sorrow, hate, love. It helps a lot in expressing emotions as well. 

"My most recent drawing is of my boyfriend, Stuart and his sister Tracey."
"I did this in high school (CCSS), it was basically a piece which depicted the Ruler of the Sea."
"This was another piece I did in high school."
A Transformer

Boreas and Oreithyia
Original piece called "Free Yourself"
Original piece of a Fairy
Original piece of print art work
Original piece

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