Carnival Accessories

A few of my favorite things! Also, a great store to buy carnival accessories is 'WIngs of Love' on Jeremie Street, Castries, St.Lucia. They sell makeup, glitter, stockings, costume jewelry, etc. It's also very affordable too!

Synthetic Ponytail $9.99

Designer bindis $1.50

Fake Eyelashes

Round Eyelid Jewels (15 colors) $5

Eyelid Jewels (6 colors) $19.99 each

Revlon Lash Jewels (4 colors)

Face Painting Glitter (9 colors) $3.50 each

1. Rhinestone Slave Bracelet 1 $29.99
2. Rhinestone Slave Bracelet 2 $29.99
3. Rhinestone Slave Bracelet 3 $29.99
4. Rhinestone Slave Bracelet 4 $29.99
5. Rhinestone Slave Bracelet 5 $34.99


  1. Hey, you can also look on Saucy's blog for great tips. I also go to to look for 'inspirations' for how I shall do my makeup if I get the opportunity. I got some really good pix from the TRIBE (I even went back all d way to '06) and IP section. Saucy have sum pix, but they are last year's own. Good luck!

  2. Hey-I've tried the Revlon lash jewels. I have rather long eyelashes, and it was still difficult to apply. It was not even near precise as the photo shows like I wished it had been. I'd rather wear false lashes or the eyelid jewels. And I love the slave bracelets!

  3. I wore the rhinestone slave bracelet #2, it was VERY pretty but pulled my stockings and ripped it :S Good thing I only wore it on Monday.

    Love the site for the pouches!