St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Just 4 Fun's Website

The Just 4 Fun Carnival Band website is up and running: Click here. Listen to more St.Lucian 2008 Soca New Releases on the Just 4 Fun website. Masqueraders also have the option to register online. And it's official, I am jumping with Just 4 Fun for St.Lucian Carnival 2008. Now that I know my section, Hestia. I am ready to buy my face jewels and glitter. YAY.

Update as of May 9: Just 4 Fun is currently working on improving their site. Just keep trying! It will soon be up again! So in the meantime, check out my previous posts, including costumes: Click Here.


  1. Once again I popped into your site and clicked on the J4F website. First of all, good choice Nyree! I envy you!!!! Take a wine for me :(.

    Now I have a few questions. Seeing that you have reliable sources and a fellow TRIBEr please explain these for me. I'm quite puzzled!

    *Only bona fide masqueraders will have access to the facilities and amenities provided by TRIBE.
    *We have a Special Security Unit that is solely responsible for identifying and escorting non-masqueraders and those not wearing the TRIBE ID wristband, out of the band.

    Does TRIBE have some affiliation with J4F now or something???

    Just a comment: Why is there only 1 girl posing for all the costumes? Just 4 Fun other models forget to show up or what?? I don't mean to offend ur fwen here. I also noticed her obliques are very similar to mine which I'm very conscious about. She looks good nonetheless, maybe I can look just as good w/out people noticing to what I see as a flaw! Thank you Dee for giving me the courage! (if that's her name.)

    Their website is very professional. And I would looove to jump in a band where it costs $0.00!!!! Fix up your website!!!!

    I really like Rhea. I dunno why them fruscia colours are always getting to me. Maybe cuz that section is my middle name! lol. Last year it was Red's High Rollers (which I find looked really horrible and cheap on the road!)

    I really though you'd jump in the VIP band, but o wellz!

    Happy Carnival Nyree!

  2. Hi Nicky,

    J4F is not affiliated with TRIBE. J4F has currently blocked their site because of those errors, mentioning TRIBE. Also they are working on improving their site.

    I have no clue why they used one model, but I will ask.

    So what band are you jumping with?

  3. lol Nyree, when I said take a wine for me I meant that I won't be able to make it. But if I do, I think I'll be in the VIP band cause my cous' involve with it. I'm still praying and hoping something happens for me to go home this summer! I deserve it after putting sooo much time into school this year! (yea I'm sure you're raising your eyebrows by now eh?)