St.Lucia Carnival 2008: Mosaic...HD

Wow, this St.Lucia Carnival is priming up to be a rather interesting one. St.Lucians can expect a third new band this year, Mosiac...HD Carnival Band. This new entry is headed and designed by Alwyn St.Omer, and accompanied by Thomas Cenac and Willibald Charles. The remaining executive group consists of Art & Culture enthusiasts. Their motto: Vision of Arts & Culture.

2008 Theme is Historic Tribes and Peoples of the World.

Continue here, for Band Launching info.

The 6 Sections are Romans, Nubians, Commanchi Indians, Zulus, Greeks & Neg Mawon.

The band launching is on May 23, 2008 at Rumours in Rodney Bay, St.Lucia.  Spectators can expect to see masqueraders, fire eaters, stilt walkers and the presentation of costumes.  Additionally there will be drummers, special guest artistes, a live band and a popular DJ.

Mas Camp: 
Old Peter & Co.Cold Storage Warehouse, La Toc
Central Point: 
R&E Designs (Coral & St.Louis Streets)
Telephone# 758.458.4281 or 758.721.4989 or 758.715.9941 or 758.714.4643

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  1. woi woi, sent lisi faire-i!!!! hold it down!!!! last year we saw over 3000 (i think) this year we're gonna see 7,000! Who will stand and watch?