Steve Jobs Dies: Apple Chief Created Personal Computer, iPad, iPod, iPhone

Dear Steve Jobs,

You've been a part of my entire life, as I watched my dad support and buy every product you've come out with! I have judged the men in my life, by the computers they've used and firmly stood for. 'Cause clearly like political choices, there is definitely a difference between Mac & PC users. Thankfully, I've seen some non-Apple-believers switch to believers.

As for us two, we go as far back as the Apple IIe! We're talking over three decades ago. And though my loyalties, (more than any other company in my lifetime) have been with you, my last promise to you is to get rid of my Blackberry, and purchase myself an iPhone!  It's about time, I rid myself of the antiquity.

You have no idea, I mourn your loss. You have changed the world ... and sadly, many won't say it, and plenty don't realize it yet!

May you R.I.P Steve Jobs!

A Vermont friend posted this "A good friend of mine made me watch this when I was defeated and depressed about my career path. It changed everything."

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