The U-Bra

Last night, I watched "LaLa's Full Court," Miami rapper Trina came to NYC for a visit. Well, my eyes were glued to Trina's chest for the first few minutes of her arrival. Trina wore a deep plunge silky blouse. I was in awe of her golden brown skin and her perky breasts.  Just seeing Trina's perky breasts, I thought all the right reasons to get breast implants. ... but wait, the camera got a side view and I noticed a flesh tone bra!  Thank Jesus, heaven. NO SURGERY NEEDED AFTER ALL ... and this solution, the U-Bra is definitely better suited for most of our pockets anyway! Enhancing cleavage naturally and more affordably.

'Cause how many times have you passed up the opportunity to wear a deep plunge dress or blouse? Once you think about, "What about my breasts?" And even if you got the nerve to buy the item, do you just go bra-'breast sagging'-less or do you accessorize with a bikini top cause of its thin (hopefully unnoticeable) strap across your chest?

The U Bra War ... watch the first minute to get the idea!

So no need to hesitate to buy a deep plunge anything, next time!

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