Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE Monthly Passes Giveaway

No pressure. Yeah right! LOL!

After giving birth, to my second child in late December.  ... And knowing that Trinidad carnival was only weeks ago, there was some desperation to get back in some kind of pre-baby body order.  LOL!

Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE came to light, at just the very right time. Thanks to a CNN article my friend, Nandi shared on Facebook.  With little time left, to shape up ... I signed up and I am loving it.  And like everything else posted on this blog, I have to share.

With Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE not only do I like the unlimited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access with my constantly changing and demanding schedule with a newborn and a five year old, but I like the US$15 monthly pass of classes for the entire month.  Just can't beat that!

The monthly pass includes unlimited access to all LIVE and on demand classes. There are 3 to 4 new classes, LIVE, from the Toronto studio daily giving me the option to focus on a particular body part, or to choose a class or instructor I prefer on any particular day! And lots of class options to spice up my fitness routine. All in the privacy of my own home.

These classes are uncut and unedited so you don't miss a moment with your favorite instructors. Each instructor  personally advises, so worry not that you're not physically in the class, you are still very much a part of the class!

Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE has revolutionized women's fitness by creating the "un-gym," it is the studio where clients feel fabulous trying fun, new workouts whether they are at-home, at-work or on-the--go! Flirty Girl Fitness Live allows its members, as well as women all over the world, to take part in their favorite Flirty Girl Classes LIVE.

Here's what my class schedule looks like today, Saturday. Some days, there are 4 classes to choose from! ... And remember, I can do every single one hour class, but hey, one is more than enough! LOL!

And on any day, before the LIVE class schedule time(s), I have the option to pick a class from the 'recently recorded classes'. ... And these change daily, just like the LIVE classes!

... And there I thought  Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE would be a quick one month-fix alternative to pilates for getting in shape for carnival but when my monthly pass ends, I can't fathom stopping now!

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  1. Thanks "The Sweet 7", I loved it! I did Hottie Body Boxing with Penny and enjoyed every minute of it.