Happy 33rd Independence - St.Lucia We Love

"Travel all over the world/ there's no place as sweet as home" sings the Glo-Ko-Ko man to start what is destined to become a Saint Lucian anthem. "Saint Lucia We Love" by Mongstar has been released days before the country celebrates its 33rd Independence Anniversary on February 22nd, under the theme, "One people, one nation, limitless possibilities." It has a music bed and message that will tug at the hearts of every countryman. 

Written by Marley "Mongstar" James and award winning songwriter and producer Courtney "Curty" Louis, "Saint Lucia We Love" was recorded at the Stratosphere Music studio in Bois D' Orange, Gros-Islet. It is produced by Louis for his Dutch Productions blueprint with assistance from Stephen "Horseface" Mathurin and Mongster's father, Ras Bonte' who plays nothing short of a wicked guitar lick towards the end of the song. "Saint Lucia We Love" also features background vocals from Marie-Anne. 

Touching on everything that is quintessentially Saint Lucian including the majestic Pitons, Nobel Laureates Sir Arthur Lewis and Honourable Derek Walcott and Gros-Islet Friday night, "Saint Lucia We Love" is a tapestry weaved to tell a story of a proud nation that has long needed its history and future told to a musical beat, "My country is nice/ It's a paradise." Mongstar also pays homage to his roots "I raise up in Faux-a-Chaux/ Big up people from Ciceron/ All my people from Marigot" and implores Saint Lucians to reach for higher heights, "Saint Lucia we born and grow/ We traveling to and fro." The song ends with a choir of children echoing the hook that is destined to sound in every corner of our 238 square mile Simply Beautiful Paradise so "represent yourself" - Saint Lucia we love...Saint Lucia we love...Saint Lucia we love. - Youtube

Refreshing beat for St.Lucian music ... I like the dance music vibe!
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Happy 33rd Independence St.Lucia 

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