I am very cynical ... and don't trust a soul!  ... And watching Dateline every Friday night from as far back as I can remember does not help. I have seen lovers, husbands, wives turn to cold murderers.  Children have killed parents.  Parents have killed children.  And strangers have done the unthinkable to the very young to the very old!  I trust no one!  

Time and time again, I tell my husband  the importance of not letting our children out of his sight. With that, I say, "If anything were to happen, I'D KILL YOU!"  So after I type this post, believe that I am forwarding him this on Facebook.  LOL!

My five year old daughter has been trained to walk beside me at all times, so much so she's a child who will hold my hand when out and about. Another reason why I stress that it be done ... car parking lots. Drivers who might be reversing may not see a child behind their vehicle. So I always tell my husband .. you basically have to give 'her' height. If she's beside him, a car will sooner see him than her!  

So imagine when I saw this video on the news today,  I AM ABOUT TO GIVE THE GOSPEL! When done, I will share my advice and tips picked up along the way having watched numerous Dateline murder mysteries. 'Cause knowing what I know and now having seen this video, "THIS IS JUST THE WORLD WE LIVE IN ... "

Story here ... Man Tried To Abduct Child From Bremen WalMart


1. If anyone tries to abduct you (or your child) ... SCREAM as loud as you can!  Say something like, "I'm being abducted." Teach your kids to shout out "This is not my mom or my dad!" DRAW ATTENTION TO THE SITUATION.   

2. When I was in college, our house had a security alarm. And yes, it had gone off on at least 2 occasions, due to me opening the door to the garage without turning off the alarm. Well, first I'd get a call from the security company, just verifying all was well.  Next I'd have to give them the security password.  Thirdly, the Miami-Dade Police would come a few minutes later knocking at the front door.  ... And again, making certain all was in order.  So my parents taught me this, if  I was being held under duress by an intruder, from the onset to GIVE THE SECURITY COMPANY THE WRONG PASSCODE.  ... And do it over and over again. So they would have the police come to the house immediately and hopefully would check around the house.   

3. If you're walking and a car stops beside you ... and the abductor tries to call you or grab you, RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF WHICH THE CAR IS FACING.

4. Now that I am back to babies and car seats.  I spend a lot of un-necessary time putting a baby in a car seat, leaving me vulnerable cause my back is turned. But just being who I am, I am constantly looking over my shoulders. In fact, once I see someone approaching, I get pensive. I begin to grab my keys and fist them, gearing up to use my keys as knives if I have to. So I squeeze my keys in my fist, but leave a key sticking out between my middle finger or my index or ring finger, ready to stab as hard as I can if someone attempts to mess with me.

5. ... And if all fails, and you've been a VICTIM, may it be rape, kidnap or murder. I always tell my daughter ... BITE AND OR SCRATCH THE F. OUT OF THE PERPETRATOR!  I have seen too many Dateline cases where by the time it got to the courts, there was just no evidence!  ... And even if your life is taken, F.UP the FK'r so that there is enough evidence. Leave enough DNA under your nails from scratching their skin, get their blood too.  Go deep.  Bite hard too, so that your teeth marks remain on their body!  Let your loved ones have the peace of knowing that your perpetrator will pay for the crime!

If you have more, do share!

Cathy: We speak to the kids about staying calm and not panicking. Then trying to kick out the back lights of the vehicle or get some way to knock it out. By doing so it will cause other motorist to pay attention to the vehicle. They should then stick their hands out through the hole they created and wave frantically. That should get someone's attention. Chances are if the person shoves you in the boot of a vehicle they haven't had the chance to tie you up so this should give you mobilisation to kick in the back lights.

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