Alison Hinds - “Faluma/Makalele" Official Video

One of my most memorable summers in college was Summer '98. I decided to spend that summer in Miami instead of returning home to St.Lucia.  Those were the days of Spirits Lounge nightclub off the 836. ... And my friends (a Trini, a Tobagonian and a NYC-Indian transplant) and I (a Lucian) were there every Saturday night.  ... And one song definitely comes to mind. 

Caribbean Queen of Soca, Alison Hinds and her band Square One from Barbados released “Faluma,” a tribal call-and-answer meets soca hit sung in the language of the Saamaka tribe in Suriname. The song went on to top the charts in almost every Caribbean territory, as well as on numerous radio stations throughout North America and Europe. Watch now as “Faluma” is re-introduced to the world followed by her 2011 carnival release of “Makelele”!

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