Vaya Conmigo A Mexico!

Everything I ever thought of Mexico ... I was wrong, wrong, wrong.
México es muy fantástico!

Last weekend, my hubby decided on a spur of the moment family getaway to Mexico. Any proposal to visit any point on this globe, I am game. More so, any combination of sun, water (beach or pool), sand, skimpy clothing, tan lines and an alcoholic beverage, factor into my ideal vacation. You can take the girl out of the island but you can't take the island out of the girl.

... And the destination sounded better when he dropped the cost for the 24 hour all inclusive - family friendly resort, with an offer for two kids to stay and eat free. That's my family right there. LOL. So we boarded a flight and thought we were headed to Cancun, Mexico. Only to be corrected that our actual location was Playa Del Carmen, during the return trip to the airport when our taxi driver informed us. LOL!

After this trip, I now wonder why any one would visit the Caribbean (when there is Mexico)? Caribbean airfares and accommodations are ridiculously over priced. So as of this Mexican vacay, thoughts ran rampant through my mind, "Let's return next week. November for my birthday would be nice. (Even contemplating on running the idea by a few friends.) How 'bout Christmas in Mexico? Forget going home to St.Lucia this year. Cost of Trinidad carnival 2013 vs trip to Mexico ... let's do the math!" Mexico was just so nice, better yet affordable and exceptional value for our dollar.

One more thing struck me, "why do so many Mexicans risk crossing the Mexican/American border?" My previously warped view of Mexico was one which reminded me of a previous trip to Central America, Guatemala. My tagline after that trip to Guatemala was 'Guatemala es mala!' Guatemala City reminded me of a wild, wild west - gun showdown with its barren city streets in parts, barricades in others and armed security guards outside of every business (not just banks) with their BIG guns. The type of guns sprawled across bodies, tucked in arms and pointed downwards, yet totally afraid they could still blow off my big toe, even if not my head!

My latest tagline is 'México es muy fantástico!' Mexicans are friendly, especially those in the service industry from taxi drivers, airport and restaurant employees, and particularly the resort staff at our resort, Hotel Riu Tequila. The accommodations were comfortable. The food and drinks even more tempting, 24 hours a day - non stop. Weight gain! All while, my daughter too enjoyed the Kids Club daily planned activities by the resort's entertainment staff. Muchos besos to Eder and Karla! What a relief to get a couple of hours daily to focus on just one child. ... And at night, after dinner, the children participated in an open air theater. Just magnificent, my daughter performed live on stage from Grease to Michael Jackson. I did Languages both French and Spanish for CXC (O'Levels), over two decades ago. So even I got in on the action, 'yo hablaba español.'

In chatting, interestingly I was told that  basically 60% of the resort's tourists come from the UK, 30% from Germany, and 10% from the Netherlands ... and the rest of us. So do expect to see smokers and topless sunbathers. There were hardly any Americans which I was told only seem to show up for Spring Break. What a pity ... their loss. My resort does not even allow Spring breakers unless accompanied by parents or over the age of 21. I kind of like that entire idea. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico offers miles of lovely turquoise beaches and white, soft-powdery sand too, the area is dotted with lush tropical plant life, coconut trees, etc.

Mexico far surpassed my expectations. ... And before I knew it, it was time to leave. Departing was such sweet sorrow. Despite the realization that we were seated in the taxi and returning to the airport, even the few hours in airport made me feel like I still had not left Mexico. It's probably one of the best airports, I've been delayed in too, with its duty free shopping and local craft stores for last minute souvenirs, even a pharmacy and quintessential restaurants with Mexican food and drink.

Ahh Mexico, we left just a day ahead of now Hurricane Ernesto ... hope you fared well.  

Mayan ceremonial dancers with headdresses, only one thing came to mind ... CARNIVAL.

See a few pictures from my Mexico album ... 
Mayans ... my husband's ancestors!

Oh the Mayan art and craftsmanship in the hotel lobby!
I always remember Oprah, "Love is in the details!"

TEQUILA & RUM dispenser in our hotel room - bathroom, along with a fridge stocked with local beers and soft drinks (sodas).  No mini bar prices. FREE with a sign that said will restock every two days.

Nightly resort themes ... this was Mexican night, opposite this tequila setup were two gentlemen spinning cotton candy. Peculiar, just the day before heading to Mexico, I met a young lady from Latvia in my neighborhood who told me that in Russia, they flavor their vodka with fruit, etc ... and that by simply adding a mint Mentos to a glass of vodka completely changes its flavor and makes it less bitter.  ... And apparently same in Mexico, they flavor their tequila. I had a shot with a dose of pepper sauce (HOT and FIRE at the same time)  and another with mango (SWEET).  

... And more tequila, and yum-yum!

The resort compound ... just a lil' tease.  There was wild life everywhere, particularly mongooses who after one rainy afternoon appeared in numbers, digging the soil.
Playa Del Carmen ... across the street from our hotel.

My kids and I
My daughter enjoyed RIULAND Kids Club and Children Night Performance - Grease and a visit from MJ.We both danced and ran back and fourth in the rain one afternoon! 

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