How to Take a Great Bikini Shot

Keep It Interesting 

Copy It: Tilt your camera a little to one side and shoot yourself in a room where there's a lot going on. 

Have Fun With It 

Copy It: Have a friend snap a shot of you jumping into a pool or over some sand. Point your toes like Emmy (it makes your legs look leaner) and keep your arms straight. Try to keep your back straight as well to keep your abs flat. Oh, and have fun! 

Do It at an Angle 

Copy It: Hold your camera by your shoulders and bend your knees a la Heidi to flatten your belly and visually slim your bod. You can also tilt your knees to one side side for a flattering curve. 

How to Take a Great Bikini Shot ... 

Get "Caught Off-Guard" 

Copy It: Hand a friend your phone and ask her to take a few snaps while you look at the beach, run your hands through the water, etc. It's great to make it look like you just happened to look hot while doing something else. 

 Work It 

Copy It: Stick out one leg (it visually slims your bod), angle your face toward the light, and tilt your head so your hair is blowing behind you. Gorgeous. 

Face Away From the Camera 

Copy It: Ask a friend to shoot you from behind while you look over a cool scenery, like the beach or a pretty pool. Arch your back slightly to make your butt pop a little and bend one leg slightly to visually slim your gams. 

Cover Up (Just a Little) 

Copy It: Throw on shorts, a skirt, sarong, or skimpy tee over your bikini. Turn your head to one side and let your arms fall wherever to keep it looking casual. 

Go Out of Focus 

Copy It: Have a friend shoot you in profile and copy Christina's stance—stick one leg out and pop your butt out a little. Then have her count to three and on "three," turn your head toward the camera for a "candid" look.

See all the poses here.

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