A Man's Perspective: The Other Woman

"Females, let's be clear and REAL, a man isn't cheating with you because you are so good at being the other woman, he's cheating with you because you aren't good enough to be THE WOMAN. I laugh at women that brag about being the "go to" woman when the man gets bored at home & you try to put down a submissive woman for being who God designed her to be. 

Learn what submission really means. A submissive woman is far from weak, because a true submissive woman knows how to carry the load for him and her both without him even having to know it. She knows how to speak to his spirit & not his lusts. She knows how to push him to his dreams instead of pulling him to destruction. She knows how to pray with him and not play with him. She knows how to be quiet even when her flesh wants to speak. She knows the value of his hard work & not just his dollar. A submissive woman is his "LIFETIME" but you are just a "GOOD TIME"...and that's all you will ever be. 

He knows that he can throw a few dollars & material possessions your way & that's all you will ever expect. The other woman makes it easy for a man, the submissive woman makes it easy for herself by making him EARN & not buy her. You are the O.T.H.E.R. woman, an Overplayed Toy He Eventually Releases."

This was some morning truth from a FB friend of mine!

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