Pick A September Challenge

I'm a day late but there seems to be an online movement to make September a healthy one. ... And for carnival enthusiasts, not a bad idea since Miami carnival is next month and now is a good enough time than any to get into gear for Trinidad 2013. If neither are a suitable reason, how about just for health reasons? So pick your September challenge!

1. Carnival lover to fitness pro, Laurelle Martineau posted the following picture via her instagram account: elleboogiee with the caption "Results from 2011 -  30 day Snack-free challenge. Let's do it again with  #SnackFreeSeptember. Saturday was the start of #SnackFreeSeptember, no packaged snacks for 30 days. If snacks are not a challenge, she says "Pick your poison. If snacks aren't a challenge for you, go with alcohol." 

I am familiar with the no snacks challenge too because one month of no snacks prior to Trinidad Carnival in  February 2011, gave me this result too. The timing was perfect cause it was done in January after all the christmas goodies.

2. Kick fitness and motivation into high gear with this September Squat Challenge, #SquatSept. Squats tone legs, lift the butt and strengthen the core. Make sure to take a booty / leg picture so you can see the difference by the end of the month. Thanks to those mentioned in Challenge # 3, BodyRockers have this SQUATS video.

3. BodyRock.tv  the home workout movement promises One Week Challenge New Workouts Everyday:), and commented "It's one week Monday to Friday. No Fiasco! We have it handled :) Thanks!"

I'm up for a challenge!  Are you?
TAKE before and after photos.

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