Treasure Memories - The Photobook

When was the last time you ordered prints or printed your photos?

My daughter's first grade class project is due today. Her project forced me to get some pictures printed. I had the option to simply order prints but I chose to invest in a 4x6 single sided $5.99 photo book, promising same day pickup. 

So on Wednesday night, at 9pm, I sat at home on my computer and put together a photo book. I had a bit of trouble adding captions but with the mere convenience and a 20% off, I did not mind. Since my order was placed after 3pm that business day, I got a note stating that my photo book would be due for pickup by 11, on Thursday morning. Instead by 11, Wednesday night, I got an email from CVS, informing me that my photobook was ready for pickup. So by 8:30am on Thursday, I was picking up my photobook. 

Wow, unlike my past Apple iphoto photobooks, this one was on glossy photo paper. I am so happy that I decided to order a photobook instead of prints. At least now, my daughter has a photobook with her Summer 2012 memories! 

To personalize her book, I simply hand wrote captions on the back of every photo. Also what initially was an issue, not being able to add captions became a non-issue. Since it was just a plain black hard cover, I pulled out my glue gun, making it a craft project. I added some ribbon and jewels in her favorite color, blue. At least, she (and I) have no excuse that the dog ate her homework! LMAO.

Reasons to invest in a photobook:
With the advancement in photography, nowadays I just store pictures on my computer and or phone. Even Facebook has become another way to store a duplicate, despite the belief that I just like pictures. Ever so often, I attempt to back up my photos on external hard drives and CDs.  ... And yes, I have lost pictures cause I did not back up. So the point is I no longer have albums with photos.

Lately though, I keep thinking. What happens when I die? How will my loved ones, particularly my daughter find all her wonderful photos of growing up? How will she get a glance of what was my (our) life? How will she know where to find those backed up CDs and hard drives? As for Facebook, she won't know my password! These are the sorts of conversations in my mind.

When summer began, my mom shared some black and white photos with me. They were photos of a childhood vacation with her mother and siblings which she had found. Not only did they give me a window seat into my mom's childhood and a glance at a younger St.Lucia but took me back into time of a life once lived, my grandmother. One side was the photo, and the back side was even as special, my grandmother's handwritten captions. It was the way she used that pen and a chance to embody her spirit. Delightfully funny and playful. A moment to chuckle, gone but not forgotten. Thanks to printed photographs.

See all the pictures ...

Think of all the possibilities and enjoy this coupon before it expires.

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