The Prince William County Fair, Virginia

No matter where I've lived, I love the county fairs! Miami - Miami-Dade County Fair, Vermont - The Champlain Valley Fair and on August 18th, my family and I went to the Prince William County Fair, in our current home state, Virginia. Forget the rides (that's for kids and my husband), I'm all about the food! LOL.

See my Prince William County Fair pictures ... 

I have a love affair with John Deere ... 
so much so that I have an entire FB album by the same title.

Thanks to Vermont life ... I handle these bad boys!

Two days prior was the 35th anniversary since Elvis Presley's death, so Elvis was in town. As a child, a summer was never complete without watching an Elvis movie on WTBS, now TBS. In fact, the first time I saw fair food, the candy apple was in an Elvis 1963 movie, "It Happened At The World's Fair." ... And with my recent trip to Mexico, I remembered Elvis in "Fun in Acapulco."

Old McDonald had a farm ... 


Camels ... not too friendly. I've riden one in Dubai!
... And a whopping $10 to ride at this fair!

Umm, I did sin!

My poison .. the deep fried snickers.
DELICIOUS ... best way to describe, think pain du chocolat,
pastry and melted chocolate with nuts, with confectioner's sugar.

Ahh, the ferris wheel.  A fair staple!

I committed another sin ... sorry
Simply took me back to my childhood and summers in Miami, Mall of the Americas. 
Chili Cheese Fries


Took the picture but still curious how exactly that works out!

Sorry, no change!

People were lining up to ride this and get muddy.
... And I was just thinking what if that monster truck jumps over that rail!

She's still too short for the ride's height requirement!

If the cow did not look scary ... 

The clown sure as hell did!

Fun was had by all .. 

In honor of Elvis "Take Me to the Fair."

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