TRIBE / Bliss 2014 Demands BOOTYLICIOUS!

After the TRIBE / BLISS 2014 band launch last night, Trinidad Carnival Diary commented "So what I have learned is that in 10 years masqueraders have lost the belt!!!" 

I agree, very true. And while she noted the disappearance of the waist band, I realized during the launch after I saw my friend, Nina, model "Hawkeye" that this may be the very first carnival that I have to change my focus. Another body part requires superb attention. 

Look out the other best TRIBE / BLISS 2014 accessory is the tush, derriere, posterior, ass, booty, butt, backside, fanny, rear, gluteus maximus, rump (shaker), bum, bottom, cheeks. TRIBE & BLISS 2014 are demanding that their ladies are BOOTYLICIOUS!  Work it out.

Butt Lifting Exercises

Squats, Etc

Pilates (add weight, if you care to)

Resistance Band Training

Kinetic Bands

Treadmill (Set to highest incline and speed walk)

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