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Just as December is synonymous with the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, July has now become synonymous with the TRIBE Carnival Band launch. Tonight though, TRIBE's two carnival bands, TRIBE and their second band BLISS come together to give us fanatics, one launch, starting at 10 pm. We're talking fab-u-lous carnival costumes *two snaps* on some fine-ass bodies! *I'll be dropping down on the spot to do 50 crunches*

Tonight is really special because this is TRIBE's ten year presentation. So get familiar with the Twitter and Instagram hashtags:  ‪#‎TRIBE10‬  #‎TRIButE‬  ‪#‎TwoBandsOneLaunch‬

And reppin' my island, Saint Lucia ... Nina, she will model at the TRIBE Band Launch for a second time. Last year, Nina sold that costume 'Jezebel.' Check out Nina's interview with Trinidad Carnival Diary: Best Band Launch Bodies and Nina's Tips on How To Make Your Carnival Makeup Last Longer.

I have played with TRIBE seven out of nine times. I missed out in 2007 and 2013. In 2007, my hubby thought it best we ignore that year since we had become first time parents in September 2006.  Don't mind that I jumped two months pregnant with my first in February 2006. LOL.

In 2012, eight weeks after the birth of my second child I was jumping with TRIBE. Here are my 'Tips To Bounce Back After Baby.' In 2013 ... I went on a tour of the Mediterranean (4 European countries and one in Africa). No regrets. So I am anxious to see what they bring for their tenth year celebration.

TRIBE & Bliss 2014 Band Launch teaser videos:


WATCH LIVE @ 11:30pm: HERE

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