Caro & Dalia - Life Changing Movement to Better Health, Nutrition & Fitness

“Carolyn’s Carnival Challenge” is super excited to announce that the movement to build awareness in our everyday lives and communities regarding health, nutrition and fitness is moving from Facebook to their own site, CARO & DALIA.

This movement teaches members how to eat healthy, by cooking clean meals so they become aware of what they are putting into their bodies and how to nourish them with power foods. Many of us believe that “home cooking” equates to healthy eating as long as the food is not fast food and is prepared at home.

As a member of the Caro & Dalia movement on Facebook since December, I have seen members learn to appreciate foods which we may not necessarily like (gosh, I am still not a fan of cottage cheese but a lot more foods have been added to my diet), along with the commitment of incorporating daily exercise, many of us have made lifestyle changes. The group atmosphere enables support, love and encouragement of its members, resulting in noticeable changes for some in about 2 weeks. 

As time goes by, Caro & Dalia believe that if people become healthy together, our families become healthy, our communities become healthy, our country becomes healthy, our generation becomes healthy, and ultimately humanity is preserved.

How to Register:
1. Visit CARO & DALIA website
2. Scroll down to “Join Our Life Changing Movement”
3. Click on Membership
4. Choose the Membership Package of your choice 
5. Once registered, visit “D’AVENUE” to introduce yourself in the chat area named “SAY HELLO”
6. The main discussion area is named “CARO & DALIA - EVERYTHING FITNESS - “THE ACTION HAPPENS HERE”
7. “YOUR MONTHLY MEAL PLAN” is available every 2 weeks in “D’AVENUE”

See some members results

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