DIY Carnival Boots for YUMA: Soleil

Yuma Vibe: Soleil

My French friend from Martinique, Virginie recycled her carnival boots used in YUMA's 2012 Apache section. Instead of succumbing to a $100 + expenditure to have her boots decorated, she and her Trinidadian friend, Folayan Xui decided to DIY: Do It Yourself!

This year, she returns to YUMA, in the section: Soleil (seen above). ... And my girl has a pair of boots for both Carnival Monday and Tuesday. 

She messages me, "These are my Monday boots. Tuesday boots coming next! Thanks for putting it on your blog :D. OMG my feet gonna be famous! LOL."

Boots Designed by Folayan Xui
- Recycled Booties from 2012 
- Flatback Jewels 
- Glue Gun 
- And a Dash of Spice: CREATIVITY!

Got to love ladies who aren't afraid of the gun!
I'm a gun advocate too. LOL.

UPDATED February 27 ... here are her Tuesday Boots


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  1. That looks awesome! I want to try this on a clutch purse but I need to get more jewels! Nice one :)