The Silky Wrap

So see me with my head tie up ... ok, maybe not!
... but I'll tell you which print I own, the green and turquoise polka dots. LOL.

My recent hair product must-have is the Evolve Silky Wrap Scarf. The affordable scarves are affordable and available in striking prints like wildlife (animal prints), geometric, metallic, and polka dots. Designed to provide a fashionable alternative to everyday hairstyling, the Evolve® Silky Wrap Scarf offers tremendous versatility and can be tied in multiple ways. 

Let me pull out my measuring tape. It's 53" x 16" (inches). Even after I've wrapped my head there is enough give to tie a double knot. And though it's perfect for heading out the house, I wear mine at bed time. No longer do I wake up with a lion's mane, since I have never been a hair-rollers kind of girl. Due to the Silky Wrap, my style at night is exactly the same in the morning.  It's almost unbelievable!

Available for retail between $7-8 at Wal-Mart stores and Sally Beauty Supply


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