MY TRANSFORMATION - Out of The Shadows!

The Last Two Years

"I ain't mad. GOD BLESS!" 

Apparent by my absence here on this blog, I became very withdrawn and introspective. ... And with that I guess somewhere along that time, I went on a journey, learning about myself while still enjoying myself. I traveled like I always did, focused on other things particularly my children, fortified friendships with those who shared their worlds with me, pulled away from others and lived no differently than how I usually do. Just this time, even while my smile remained bright (), I was private (and pulling away). My Scorpio self needed to recoup. 

During that time, I ate and drank no holds barred. And the fact, that I can COOK & BAKE, and like to drink, did not help either. LOL. Below is a picture of a few of the goodies that I baked, even fried. ... And there was so much more not seen in this picture. There was the peanut, peppermint and chocolate fudge, the 'crack' brownies, so named by a very close friend, the greek cookies and every shape of cheese biscuit imaginable. I can bake various artisan breads and ice decorate cakes too from butter cream to fondant. LOL. 

So that resulted in the picture of my body on September 1, 2013. Incredible how much weight I gained in just nine months because in December 2012, I was still decent (as seen in dated pics below).

I could think of a million reasons, okay, really one reason, not to share this story. FEAR! Pssh ... Truth be told, ‘last year’s Nyree’ would have cowered or been ashamed, but not today's Nyree. Yes, I am baring it all!

By revealing my effort, I hope to inspire you to consider making a positive life changing decision. Maybe it’s the time I make ‘you’ uncomfortable: Get out of the norm or comfort zone! Grab the bull by the horns! Jump over board! Cast your net! Rid yourself of the excuses! Give it a try … nothing beats a try! Like the Nike slogan ‘JUST DO IT!’ Maybe it’s as simple as me asking you “do you love yourself?” Hear me yet? Did I touch a nerve? 

I'M BACK ... thanks for sticking with me!

My Transformation Began ... 

Labor Day Monday, September 2013

Maybe it was in the stars, for they some how aligned, despite my rude awakening when I nonchalantly jumped on the scale and weighed myself. In my mind, I was still my sexy self though rather low key. (Apparent in the first 4 pictures of me shown above). LOL. 

THE REALITY: I was in disbelief. I actually weighed 143 pounds, seven pounds shy of my total weight gained during both my pregnancies which was my 150 pound - full term pregnancy weight, the most I've ever weighed in my lifetime. W-T-F?!!

To add to my torture ... I pulled out my tape measure. Generally only used when I need to give some carnival band my waist and hip measurements. 

A flashback comment hit a nerve too.  I remembered visiting a local Saint Lucian seamstress, 3 months after the birth of my first child in 2006. Her 2006 comment was once again ringing in my earlobes that September 2013, "You have no waist! ... You’re boxy. Your waist and hips are almost the same size.” When she made that comment that Christmas 2006, it had sparked a fire in me to lose that baby weight from my first child immediately when I returned home to the United States. In April 2013, I even shared 'Tips on How To Bounce Back After Baby.'

Jumping on the scale that Labor Day 2013 had my tongue hanging further, my heart wanted to stop. It ached. F.M.L (look it up!). I was a whopping 143 pounds. 

... And from that moment, I knew it was time to work on me!

The Process

As fore mentioned, the stars may have been aligned because at that very time, I started my Oprah and Deepak 21 Day Meditation Experience for a second time. I shared this meditation challenge with you in March 2013 my first time around. 

Ordinarily, I would have left meditation for the crazy people. Yet in trying it, it brought such peace that a second round only seemed practical. Ten minutes daily, with the millions of thoughts in my head, I quieted my mind. This relaxed me. I suddenly became more aware and gracious about my life, developing compassion, patience and forgiveness (even for myself).

... And for some reason, exercise became easy again. Scratch that ... easy again, NATURAL again! I began Fitness Blender on YouTube. Believe me, I wanted to kick myself for basically giving up on myself and allowing myself to get sloppy. The exercise was busting my balls; I was so out of shape! 

My Journey: SELF LOVE

I am learning self-love. As a wife and mother, I forgot about myself, taking care of everyone else. I learnt that I must make myself a priority. In addition, I know what I will not put up with when it comes to my various social relationships. I also have quit smoking since I became pregnant with my son in 2011. I truly, do not miss it! And now, I look at my smoking days as just a once-nervous habit of mine. Also I am pre-disposed to be a Type II Diabetic, and I refuse to let that take over my life.

What Has Driven Me?

I now understand that being whole consists of spirituality, exercise and nutrition.


Shaun T's Focus T25
Bikini Model Fitness (and my girl is Vicky Justiz ... she fine!)

December (Oops ... scratch that!) December
I went to The Bahamas the first half and to Vermont the second half. Ohh and I was too busy knitting all the scarves seen in the pic below. LMAO. 'Tis the season to be MERRY ... Fa la la la la la la la!

Caro & Dalia (CCC Carnival Group) ... definitely guided my nutrition.
Body Rocker - Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge (BTW new challenge begins March 24)

December 31 to Present (Watch today!)
T.D. Jakes Ministries: The Potter's House: I spent my Old Year's night with Bishop Jakes. I have not looked back, I am there every Sunday since. If I can't, I try to watch early in the week. If interested get ready to commit two hours of your time for spiritual wealth. This year's theme is TRANSFORMATION from transformational thinking to relationships.

I suggest you watch the Valentine's Weekend service on "Transformational Relationships" The People Factor - The Law of Selectivity: Less is More, you can't be friends with everybody! There's a thin line between a parasite & a friend! - Van Moody

We all can rid ourselves of toxic people. This service clearly defined the people I need to align myself with. I now can instantly spot the people who will uplift me in the future. Amen. 

Weight lifting (purchased a few extras), Treadmill & Pilates
Suggested iPhone APPS:  Fitness Pal, Nike Training Club, Hot5

Looking Back ... Nah, Rather Look Over The Rainbow!

Looking back, I feel a sense of relief. I got up, dusted off my shoulders and jumped on again. It's always going to be one hell of a ride! You just can't be afraid of getting up. 'My (Our) success is limitless!' was the affirmation of the day on February 20 when I started to write this post.

Proud to mention, that ever since I decided to work on myself, so did my husband. He has since lost 30 pounds and regrets not taking his first day pictures to currently compare. So I encourage you to take before and after pictures, they provide such inspiration to work harder!

... And can't forget the inspiration I sort from my friends Ryan (St.Martin) and Stefan (Texas). Both have lost an extreme amount of weight. .... And are so sexy now! Haha. Talk about not giving up. I've followed their Facebook progress pictures, pictures in the gym, gym location updates to plated meals. Kept my ass on track. LOVE. 

TODAY ...  Let me drop some numbers on you:

SEPT 2013: 143 lbs / 31 " waist
FEB 2014: 127 lbs / 28 " waist

Results over 5 months: 16 lbs lost  / 3 " slimmer waist

Apart from the weight loss, thanks to my comparison pictures, I see a lifted and bigger booty, stronger arms, definition & thinner thighs and a slimmer waist. A curvier body. I'm leaner. My new goal (not like I initially had one) is to drop another seven pounds, ideal for my height (considering my BMI / calculate yours). That would also allow me to play with a a 5-pound weight gain here and there, without looking heavy. 

Uh huh. Uh huh. This is me now!
... And I did not even give you all my fire. LMAO.

I am happily shocked. Had I not given up on myself despite only being 5 pounds extra after Nikail's birth, I have now lost 15 pounds since starting in September. Even despite my xmas eating and drinking glitch. I am 2.5 pounds away from my pre-Nikail weight. Would love to round off my weight ... So hoping to lose 7.5 pounds. Point and proof ... That putting in the effort, and discipline has rewarded me. So encouraging ... I am pushing forward! I want those abs back. The booty and legs ... those are the extras! Lmao. One love. And that's myself. Ha! 

I only drink water (with a frozen lime block ... was recently told to drink with a straw to protect enamel on teeth). Don't do juice. Cut back on my liquor (only binge when necessary). Hardly do sugar. No fried food. And no more bacon (though I love me some bacon!) No milk (ever since Brent ef'd it up for me). I exercise 5-6 times a week for about 12 minutes. Lift a few weights here and there. Squat a lot more than usual. Been taking my ass to the treadmill (should really head there since kids are still asleep). Oh yeah ... and I no longer smoke. And I pop a few horse pills (oops, vitamins) here and there, when I remember. Oh yes, and best believe I still eat every damn thing I bake! LOL. 

FB post ... last weekend.
... And even then I did not have the nerve to post any pics! 

My Body & Pictures: Prior to Birth of Baby # 2
 (if you want me to go further back)

I’ve told you the story in ‘Tips To Bounce Back After Baby

During 1994 to 1996, while in bed one night watching Video Soul with Donnie Simpson and Sherry Carter on BET, I saw cellulite puckering, as the light from the television, crept up my thighs in my dark room.

I started ESPN Fitness Pros. I would record it daily, following the instructors for a half hour every morning and would re-do in the evening after work, as I would then speed through the advertisements.

My first child was born in September 2006. After her birth, a male family friend said, “You have put on weight.” And I was smiling and thinking, ‘BITCH (even though he was male), I just gave birth to a baby 3 months ago!”

By December 2007, I went to a local St.Lucian seamstress. While measuring me, she commented, “You have no waist!” So standing there in front of a mirror with her tape around me, I began to ponder, “How could I have no waist?” As if reading my mind, she continued, “You’re boxy. Your waist and hips are almost the same size.”

When I returned to Vermont, after that Christmas trip, the stinging reality of those two comments, particularly the latter, forced me to hit the treadmill running and I restarted PILATES. … And voila, I returned to Trinidad Carnival in February, then St.Lucia Carnival in July and CARIBANA in August 2008.

By Trinidad Carnival 2011, knowing that I was in a frontline costume, once Christmas was behind me, that New Year, I decided to kick it up a notch by exercising frequently and watched my diet (really what I ate) leading up to that carnival.

Friends have teased that it was expected that my husband would have knocked me up after that carnival (see why above ... LOL) since by March 2011, I was pregnant with my second child, my son. He was delivered in December 2011.

February 2012, another Trinidad Carnival, only this time I was 8 weeks postpartum and back on the streets of Port of Spain. Even made the list as one of Trinidad Carnival Diary’s ‘Hotties over 30'.

UPDATE: March 8th, 2015 - TRANSFORMED ... The Year Later!


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    Your words about parasitic friendships and pulling away some certain friendships rang so true with me ... I needed to hear that.
    I sometimes wonder if its the tendency for us to be taught to say sorry and kiss and make up with friends from childhood why we continue it into adulthood, except its even when they "hit" first and/or repeatedly.... Such a no-no and I am guilty of that. Allowing friendships to continue that only hurt again and again when I could be spending my time with my true friends ...

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