St.Lucian Designer Reveals Trinidad 2014 Carnival Monday Wear Design

St.Lucian-born, Claude Justin-Credile Desir based in New York City is best known for his once West Indian American Day Carnival (NY Labor Day) band, KARMA. ... And his numerous carnival designs from Jamaica to Miami carnivals.

Look out for him in 2014, because he designed for Trinidad & Tobago carnival bands too, and will show out in other carnivals later this year. *BIG SMILE* ... I always get a first peep from inception to final design.

Yesterday, Claude posted pictures of his past Carnival Monday designs with the caption, "#TBT the last 2 years I've had the honor & pleasure of working with the best clients on their Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Monday Wear designs. Nyree F. (The Sweet 7) for TRIBE Carnival 2012. Fusezion Dance for Bliss Carnival 2013. Tomorrow, 2014's design unveiled." 

Nyree F. (The Sweet 7) for TRIBE Carnival 2012

Fusezion Dance for Bliss Carnival 2013

Today he reveals, "Follow up to my #TBT post. Here's my 2014 Trinidad Carnival Monday Wear design for my client Dhalia in TRIBE Carnival #FantasticFriday #DesirableDesigns #MondayWear2014 #1075gemsandrhinestones"

... And tell me again, why St.Lucian carnival bands have not asked Claude to design for local bands? *Crickets*


  1. The 2014 design is HOT! I love how detailed all the pieces are.

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