Carol's Daughter New Campaign ... Me No Likey!

Last night, I posted and captioned the picture below of the three new Carol’s Daughter models,  "BLACK, BLACK, BLACK. I'm kind of tired of one quarter this, that and the others ... "three new Carol’s Daughter models – Cassie (African American, Mexican and Filipina), Selita (Native American, Irish and African-American), and Solange (African American and French Creole)"" on Facebook.

The article where I saw this picture felt it necessary to say the ladies' racial and ethnic pedigree. And it seems to be a new trend to ask "what are you mixed with?" I even get asked. ... And that baffles me, 'cause I look at the only two people who brought me into this world, my parents. I see BLACK.  

So forgive me but who gives a hoot if your grandmother, grandfather, greats, great greats were not black? And not to be rude, but black people can't even go back 3 generations due to slavery. So what's the point of making the point of what you're mixed with, if you're not referring to your immediate parents? I just feel ... what the world sees you as, is what you are, BLACK.  Stop trying to erase your black! GOSH.  Even if the Carol's Daughter new multiracial ad campaign was created in the hopes of reflecting the demographic shift that the U.S. Census numbers have shown.

And on a more personal note ... my daughter is mixed BLACK and HISPANIC.  I don't even want her to be called BLACK-HISPANIC, 'cause I'd be left out of the latter equation.  But you best believe ... I tell her she is BLACK, even if she tells me she's brown!

... And I agree there is beauty in diversity, but ladies you're BLACK.
... And there is dark skin diversity too!  

I was not the only one to rant, my diverse black friends did too!


  1. @TheSweet7 Nice post. Dunno if it's an American thing, but there always seems to be a need to label everything/everyone. Black, Gay, etc.

  2. Race is a HUGE deal in the US. So huge that many multi-racial ppl feel the need to prove that they're proud of their heritage. Even if they're Cherokee (15 times removed), there's this need to be defined by the label of ethnicity.

  3. @TheSweet7 thought I was the only one that thought that carols daughter ad was odd. They must be trying to get that miss jessies market.

  4. @TheSweet7 your Carol's Daughter post definitely gave some food for thought